Media says protests against their bias are “dangerous”

Yesterday a NZ television presenter tweeted about how recent protests criticising the media for failing to question govt (on Covid19 in particular) were becoming “dangerous. Mihingarangi Forbes, who was known as Joanna Forbes when she left Fielding High School in 1990, posted the following tweet-

A quick look at her timeline shows she has recently celebrated the throwing of a plastic dildo into the face of National MP Steven Joyce, and the blasting of the NZ flag with a shotgun by a well known Maori separatist activist some years ago. So her concerns with violent protests are selective to say the least. (Not to acknowledge that the protests Ms Forbes disapproves of are in fact violent.)

Ms Forbe’s Maori heritage has been a big help in advancing her broadcasting career

More and more New Zealanders are awakening to the cultural bias of the New Zealand media, so Ms Forbes needs to get used to it. In fact all over the West, increasing numbers of citizens are coming to understand that the “progressive” (Marxist) dominated media is one of the primary drivers of the accelerating decline and division amongst our societies. (Its partly why Glenn Youngkin was elected as Virginia’s new Governor yesterday)

In New Zealand, media are currently driving three big lies. 1) Global warming 2) Maori partnership and 3) the need for Covid19 lockdowns. All three of these lies are also pushed by the Ardern govt. So naturally, media are seen as complicit, and therefore not real in that if they were indeed real at least some of them would be challenging these lies.

We see not only a blanket refusal to address the truth, but rather a combined effort with Jacinda Ardern to personally attack and discredit any member of their profession who dares to try and do their job properly. An example being the recent vile attacks on an overseas journalist who attempted to ask challenging questions at the PM’s Kawakawa press conference two days ago.

Media were backed up in these attacks by the usual mass of dull witted illiterate barbarians who characterize Jacinda Ardern’s social media support group.

Newshub employee Zane Small wrote an opinion piece purporting to be a “fact check” and smearing Sky News journalist Andrew Bolt

The attacks after the Kawakawa event were not isolated incidents. The NZ media has frequently attacked overseas journalists who have criticised Jacinda Ardern, running viciously biased hit pieces on Australia’s Andrew Bolt and America’s Tucker Carlson for just two examples. Real NZ journalists who want to write the truth (Amy Brooke) cannot get published and their articles are only to be seen in overseas publications.

It would be impossible for any rational observer not to conclude that media and the Ardern govt are joined at the hip, and this perception is exacerbated by Ardern’s decision to feed the same media with millions of taxpayer dollars.

In another indefensible instance of stark media bias, NZ media made a hero of their colleague Tova O’Brien for her interview with fallen politician Jamie Lee-Ross. In fact during that interview Mr Lee-Ross attempted to make an extremely important point about the true death rate from Covid19, but Ms O’Brien rudely and abruptly shut him down before he could finish making it.

The NZ media seems to have no idea that their primary role is to hold the powerful to account. Rather, they are collaborating with the powerful to denigrate and personally destroy anyone who does ask questions. Here are some simple things the fake newsers of the NZ media should do if they really want to quell rising anger against their profession-

  1. Assert your independence by refusing to take money from the government
  2. Ask the questions that the public (rather than the group think press gallery) want answers to
  3. Make sure that at least some questions are asked that are not just left wing talking points (This in particular never happens. No member of the NZ media ever asks any questions from a right wing perspective)
  4.  Question the three big lies, and stop being the govt’s lapdog on these issues

In respect of Covid19, we’d like to see answers on what the true death rate is from the virus, and not have that number smoke-screened by the inclusion of numbers of those who died “with” the virus rather than “from” it.

We’d also like to see some questions on how much influence vaccine companies have over the medical profession and whether that influence is affecting decisions to preference vaccines over more conventional remedies.

These quite reasonable requests will fall on deaf ears of course. The fact is the people who say they’re the media today are not media at all. They’re political activists who have infiltrated the media (as they have infiltrated all of our institutions) and turned it into a left wing political weapon. Nothing will change until this situation is remedied, and the only way to remedy it is to get these imposters out.

They won’t quit, and they won’t get fired, so the only alternative is that the companies that employ them all need to go broke, and the sooner the better. (Rumours are that one govt propaganda outlet in particular is rapidly approaching this outcome)


  • Our mwdia (it is ours as taxpayers fund it), deserve to be consigned to garbage sooner than later.
    Stuff, in particular, have dispensed wth their non-woke journos, driven most self-respecting advertisers away with their vile anti-commerce rhetoric, and must be trading insolvently.
    Our company, and many others, no longer purchase anything of value from firms supporting MSM, making it abundantly clear why they will not complete purchases.


  • “govt. propaganda outlet” is closer to reality.

    For those who have eyes which see, ears which hear and minds which are not closed, the real truth is as plain as day.

    Ardern and Faafoi have transformed the NZ fourth estate into the gummint’s personal fifth columnists.

    Pravda presstitutes, all.


  • Well said Red

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  • absolutely on point….the media are a programmed bunch of sycophants that Jacinda and her mob hide behind – they are devoid of the truth and put this form of journalism in the gutter….
    True journalists would have exposed the government long ago on every level and we wouldn’t have to tolerate the tirade of lies and dodgy dealings going on within the walls of Parliament…..
    They are totally complicit and guilty of the destruction of New Zealand and the continuation of the Marxist beliefs held by our Leader that are being foisted upon an increasingly angry population……

    Red you are totally correct and we appreciate your comments as always

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  • Dildo wielding soldiers.

    Not so scary now.


  • Enemedia. They are the enemy of the people and they are directly responsible for the mess the nation is in for hiding jacinda flaws and her communist background.


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