Update to New Zealand media’s vile attacks on anti-mandate lock-down protestors

More shocking examples of the NZ media’s political corruption and innate bias. One from Stuff’s “Chief Political Reporter” Henry Cooke and another from the editorial writer at the Otago Daily Times. The current editor at the newspaper is Barry Stewart.

If there were any mature and responsible people in charge, both of these media people would be fired for such rank misjudgements. (in fact one of them is the person in charge)

Cooke tweeted the following yesterday. Its a picture of petrol containers stored under the table of the protest organisers. Why did Cooke consider such a picture worth posting? The obvious implication is that they were there to fuel molotov cocktails or create other incendiary events.

Mr Cooke added the comment that the petrol containers “could definitely just be for a generator”. Of course they were, so what was the purpose of the tweet other than to generate unnecessary fear and smear the protesters? Henry later deleted the tweet, but his subsequent lame excuses don’t wash.

In fact the containers were indeed there to fuel the generators used to supply electricity to the PA system during the protests. Mr Cooke’s deceitful implication should get him fired of course, but it won’t because he is who the NZ media are today.

There is no accountability. From management to junior reporters, they’re all Henry Cooke and they’re all quite content to make these kind of wild cowardly smears and baseless assertions. The implications of Cooke’s tweet, that the protesters are dangerous terrorists, has been amplified daily right across the NZ media.

Otago Daily Times Editor Barry Stewart

For example the Otago Daily Times today runs an editorial implying the protesters are a dangerous virus within New Zealand, and absurdly and maliciously connecting them to Brendon Tarrant, the psychopathic Australian man who carried out the Christchurch mosque massacre. Here’s the key quote from the editorial-

“It was echo chambers, some parallel viral views and delusions that helped foster the evil Christchurch-mosque murderer’s attitudes and actions.”

Just vile and disgusting. Tova O’Brien of Newshub of course compared the events to the US capitol riots. (beaten up by the lying Democrat controlled US media into an act of insurrection). Ms O’Brien’s complete report on the demonstrations was a shameful litany of smears, hyperbole, fear mongering and a prime example of the completely irresponsible sensationalism that identifies her reporting.

The media have an important role in western democracies, in that voters have to be informed in order to make the right electoral choices. New Zealand is denied this important component because our media are largely immature half-educated children with very little life experience, and/ or political activists devoted to progressive causes.

It is why the country has drifted into a soft tyranny, and the protests we see are the people fighting back. Its expected that the fake media will discredit the protesters, because the fake media are all fans of the current tyranny, and they helped build it.

They have said recently they’re upset by the attacks on their profession at the protests. After such stuff as is exampled above, from Henry Cooke and Tova O’Brien and the ODT, what the hell do they expect?


  • Bought corruptive Leftards 😤


  • Once upon a time journos were a welcome part of the old Brittannia Hotel in Willis Street. Bet today’s left-wing scum do not gain the same accord. If I were to meet one of these POS at the right time I may not be responsible for my actions either.


  • “The media have an important role in western democracies, in that voters have to be informed in order to make the right electoral choices. New Zealand is denied this important component…”. Can we even say that still have a democracy? The power of the mainstream media to keep the majority of New Zealanders under the spell of a false narrative makes it very difficult to be optimistic about this situation – and of course it isn’t just the media, the ideology behind this is embedded in our institutions.

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    • Yes, good point. We do not have a democracy. We’re in the habit of saying if we do not do this or that “we will lose our democracy”. Will is the wrong tense. We have lost it. We’re in a soft socialist tyranny maintained by controlled “opposition” parties, and a bureaucracy, media and academia infiltrated by the progressive left. Fake newsers like Henry Cooke are the system’s watch tower guards.


  • Poor old Barry, what is the circulation of the ODT these days? Probably less than the circulation of a Pak’nSave circular in Gore.

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  • I didn’t see any TVNZ news stories this week mentioning that Labour has come crashing down in the polls.


    • They’re all pretty bad, but TV One is arguably the worst of all based on the fact that it has (by reason of its position as a heritage broadcaster) the most influence on voters. Be interesting to see what the fine print is on Faafoi’s plan to amalgamate them with Radio NZ.


  • ODT turns off commenting on their digital site selectively. Recently they have closed off commenting to almost all articles. Becoming an ideological echo chamber. No discussion, no dissent allowed in this new country being created.

    Barry and buddies have lost their power to manipulate opinion, and have lost the only reason their long suffering financial backers have for keeping them alive. Dinosaur media are soon to be left begging for Jacindas poisoned bailouts, the last life line.

    We in NZ recognise the Apartheid being introduced by this government. It is familiar to many. In NZ, one of the least affected by COVID. But most locked down and oppressed. The people are being attacked by a handful of gormless elite.