Ardern’s connection to the major Democrat loss in Virginia

FOX News report that Republicans have won back the state of Virginia and this is a significant win for so many reasons. It signals that people are finally awake to the left’s agenda and primarily its long time strategy of brainwashing kids in lieu of educating them.

The Republican candidate for Governor is the previously unknown Glenn Youngkin, who is fresh to politics, and stood because he wanted to fix America’s schools. He is backed by parents in Virginia fed up with the left’s capture of education and expressly the teaching of critical race theory (CRT). School officials had stubbornly rebuffed the efforts of parents to get CRT removed from the curriculum.

Glenn Youngkin quit his CEO job and stood for election as Virginia governor because he wanted to stop left wing brainwashing in public schools

Youngkin’s win is a set back for the progressive left and organisations like Black Lives Matter, the anti-family Marxist thugs our politically brainless NZ cricket team is presently taking a knee to.

The Democrat candidate was Terry McCauliffe. A 45 year career “progressive” (Marxist) Democrat who ran a campaign identified by lying. McCauliffe said there was no CRT in schools when the school websites plainly said there was. Other dirty tricks included Democrats dressed as white supremacists attending Youngkin’s rallies and pretending to be supporters.

McCauliffe’s campaign was assisted by the attendance and endorsement of high profile Democrats like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Barack Obama. Youngkin was endorsed by Donald Trump.

Brainwashing kids has been a trademark of communism forever

So where’s the Ardern connection? It lies in Ardern’s conversion to radical left wing politics when she was little more than an impressionable child. Ardern identifes her Morrinsville school teacher Gregor Fountain as her primary influence. She has said on many occasions that her former social studies and history teacher was a “defining role model”. Ardern says

“He taught me to question where my opinions came from because a lot of my opinions came from my parents.”

Which is a statement key to left wing politics over the last fifty years or more, and is an issue which came to a head in Virginia today. That is the efforts of left wing school teachers to cleave students from their parents, and replace those parents as the major influence in their kids’ political and social development.

Mr Fountain went on to be the headmaster of Wellington College. He resigned this post last week and will be leaving the school at the end of the year. It is reported that he is joining the organisation producing “School Kits”, which in this writer’s humble opinion is just more perpetuation of the same Education Dept evil that ensnared the mind of Jacinda Ardern. Here’s a heading from the School Kit site.

“Think of the School Kit Squad as a secret network of teachers.”

Secret network. Get it? Go to their web page and check it out. Critical Race Theory is there, and they’re proud of it. Quote from a package directed at 9-10 year olds:

“An excellent discussion tool to start the vital conversation around reflection, understanding, and seeing how racism and white privilege affects the lives of indigenous people on a daily and recurring basis.”

Check out the other subjects. (They’re also pushing a completely fabricated version of NZ history). The divisive rhetoric exampled above is the tip of the iceberg.

Graphic from New Zealand Critical Race Theory teaching kit

Think how many kids have been influenced to join the left wing cult by school teachers and university professors and how much it has cost our societies to have their minds crippled in this way. Without this influence, they could well have developed as productive citizens, and not as the corrosive and destructive blight upon our social landscape they are today. Ardern and so many have been damaged this way, and it is such a massive drag on New Zealand’s overall wellbeing.

Virginia is the start of a major global fight back against this evil, that the left have been able to perpetrate for far too long. As usual, New Zealand is a decade behind the eight ball, and the putrid useless National party is completely bereft of ideas on the issue, but the same counter-revolution will come. If not through the turgid sleeping Nats then (more likely) through a more agile and adaptive party sometime in the future.

PS: If anyone is able to email a copy of the “Challenging Racism” kit to redbaiternz at inbox dot lv it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Awesome reporting Redbaiter !

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    • Thanks Mac. Its a political event of earthquake propertions in the US in that its a total repudiation of progressivism and woke cancel culture. Very little said in the NZ news of course.

      Leftists are of course asserting it is a victory for “white supremacy”, but they’re too dumb to know that these are the same people who not long ago voted in the majority for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

      Also, the Republican candidate won the Lieutenant Governor contest and she’s black (Jamaican). Both she and Glenn Youngkin gave great victory speeches.

      The left and their constant false accusations of racism. Just sewer dwelling mentally crippled degenerates.

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      • I hope those on the right in New Zealand who dropped the ball last election, being continually informed by MSM Ardern was the saviour, have now awoken also.


  • See what u mean duck duck go it’s all there 👍🏻

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  • Let’s Go Brandon ,Let’s Go Ardern
    Let the push back begin with this Communist Woke Party that’s Destroying New Zealand

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  • This stupid obsession with skin color is abnormal to be honest. Any thinking person would see this for what it is utter rubbish. The famous brain surgeon Ben Carson once said ‘as a brain surgeon you realize pretty quickly that the skin has no bearing on the person once you cut the skin away to operate’ the quote is from memory.