NZ Herald joins Newshub in smearing Tucker Carlson

One thing we do not need is even more proof that NZ’s media has been taken over by hate driven extreme left propagandists, but the media themselves are apparently set on supplying that proof. Just a day ago Newshub smeared US FOX News host Tucker Carlson, and today the NZ Herald follows suit.

Shane Curry, NZ Herald Editor

They’re so hopelessly blinded by their ideology they can’t write any kind of objective report on Carlson’s criticism of the NZ PM Jacinda Ardern, but have to pepper it with pejorative terms like “he droned” or he “saved his real venom”.

And of course because they’re gutless small minded commies filled with envy and intolerance, they have to smear him too as “dogwhistling white supremacy”. Apparently because he used the term “fast shrinking Anglosphere”.

The Herald writer did not put his/ her name to the piece, but it could be just about anyone at the NZ Herald today, a den of far left propagandists, Jacinda Ardern’s unashamed Praetorian Guard, and whose real reporters you could count on half the fingers of one hand.

The issue here though is how far are these vile people going to go with their cowardly smears, as more and more of their overseas colleagues are seen to criticise Ardern and her Zero Covid policy, a strategy this blog pointed out was nonsense some time ago?

For example in the video above, Mark Dolan from the newly established GB News in the UK is even more dismissive of “saintly PM” Jacinda Ardern and her policies than Tucker Carlson was. What smear will the NZ media dream up to diminish Mr Dolan and his views?

What insipid ignorant small minded people the NZ media are. So partisan and so childishly spiteful towards anyone opposing Ardern. They and the leader they cherish and protect so much have reduced our democracy and our country to a global laughing stock.


  • Can we pause for a moment of silence for the passing of NZ journalism.
    They are now trusted less than a pre-used condom. That really has taken some doing.
    Must be psychologically damaging to a person to realise how many of their fellow citizens laugh at their nonsense and hold them in utter contempt. Mind due they are far too close to the taxpayer teat to be able to see it.

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  • “They’re so hopelessly blinded by their ideology. . .”
    And lots of taxpayer money from comrade Cindy.


  • The blackwitch has a guard of angry radical press eunuchs, whom would gladly cast themselves into the fires for her, lying with the guile of psychopaths.

    The press are misery magnifying microscopes. Their algorithms lead them to run stories which garner the most clicks. Like flies on a carcass.

    We are Croods, soon to be clambering over vax corpses for the cure. As long as big Pharma makes money we should be content. The free market knows best.

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    • I don’t really think it’s necessarily a big-pharma/free market thing. There isn’t a ‘market’ for vaccines in NZ.
      You can only get what the government has decided to buy. At least in Eastern Europe you can go to a clinic and choose between the Pfizer-BioNTek, AstraZ, Moderna, Sputnik-V, SinoPharm etc etc.
      People with reluctance for some types of vaccine (say experimental mRNA) might be perfectly happy to take the whole inactivated virus (older technology). But you are denied that choice.
      That is quite interesting when you think about it. Especially now Israel seems to be showing that Pfizer effectiveness seems to drop with time, – who knows where it will be in 12months time. Perpetual boosters cannot be a serious solution, which still maintaining it is a vaccine.


      • I think governments are the target market. Israel is ground zero for fear mongering and are on their third booster shot, heading to four, five, six? Saw that side effect of V is lowered T-cell count. Like aids, allows secondary diseases to wreak havoc. Big uptick in HIV type symptoms, latent problems arising. Perpetual boosters sounds horrifying! NZ people are lucky by being slightly behind on the experimental drug uptake schedule.

        The global free market is no more. Too much concentration of wealth & power. Vanguard, Blackrock call the shots. A handful of rich men. Insurance, banks, commerce, nations, corporations are in thrall. Although in the real world, with TV & media off, all is good.


  • (stands & applauds red baiter). Many of us Kiwis with even half a brain can see the ‘woke’ media here for what it is – and don’t get me started on Jacinda Ardern. She is a clueless idiot, unprepared, lying, incompetent, won’t answer questions, protected by the same ‘woke’ media etc etc etc. She can’t even speak English FFS! There is only one broadcaster of any note who pulls no punches about her inefficiency – and surprise! surprise! She will no longer appear on his morning programs. Despite it being the TOP rated station in NZ. Mike Hosking at least calls out her BS! Well said RB – NZ needs more like you & Mark to call out her leftist commie crap

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    • Thanks Tammy, kind words and much appreciated. Let us all keep fighting against the socialist behemoth that is the Ardern govt, the craven gutless corrupt media, the bureaucracy and most of academia.

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      • Is there anything we taxpayers can do re thieving of our contributions to fund stinking communist inspired media support for the harridan Ardern?
        It surely is misappropriation of our money.


    • Don’t be fooled, she’s not incompetent – she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s extremely dangerous.