Spineless NZ media dance to Jacinda’s tune at abandoned Northland presser

New Zealand’s hard left Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, shocked and demoralised at receiving unscripted questions from media, called off her open air Northland press conference this afternoon and retreated to the safety of a nearby building.

She ordered what she called the “accredited media” to accompany her, and they lamely followed just like the fakes and cowards they all are. Not one stood their ground or backed up the reporter who set the incident off. Not one said “Hold on PM, the reporter asked a valid question, why don’t you stay here and answer it?” Not one. They all bowed their heads in weak obeisance and meekly followed Ardern inside.

The reporter asking the unscripted questions was holding a press card in the name of Counterspin Media. Unlike most of the so called “accredited” media in attendance, they do not receive huge parcels of taxpayer money from Jacinda Ardern.

He asked the PM for her views on the efficacy of the vaccination program and quoted stats from Israel that if true should cast a shadow over NZ’s massively authoritarian program and the huge expenditure involved.

The PM had no answer of course, and attempted to deflect from the question. When the reporter persisted, Ms Ardern quickly decided to end the outside presser, and take it inside a nearby building where one must assume the only real real reporter there was denied right of entry.

Ardern cancels presser after unscripted questions from overseas reporter

If there is anyone out there who still sees the NZ media as an objective and partisan force, they should go on social media right now. They will observe that Twitter (for example) has hundreds of tweets from NZ’s govt funded journalists personally attacking the Counterspin reporter, supporting the Prime Minister, and of course they’re backed up by Labour party MPs, officials, and Ardern’s foul mouthed degenerate groupies.

Most of these tweets are expressions of naked opinion and few if any resort to reasoned debate. The reporter is “crazy”, or “paid by Steve Bannon” (ludicrous when the media making these accusations are all on the govt payroll) and he should be kicked out of the country. Disgusting stuff really and a sad indicator of just how depraved and degenerate the left and their media lackies have become.

The seemingly co-ordinated beatdown shows how the mainstream NZ media and the Labour party are joined at the hip, but worse, it shows exactly what fakes the NZ media are and the open contempt they have for any colleague who tries to do their job as it should be done.

NZ’s fake media elected Ardern in two so called democratic elections, and it is starkly obvious that they are determined to protect her and shield her for as long as they can and right up to the 2023/24 election.

People with more sense and a less partisan view are warning of NZ being on the precipice of totalitarianism. They’re wrong. We went over that precipice a couple of years ago at least, and the mainstream media were doing the driving.


  • This highlights the shallow depth of knowledge of our PM on a very important topic. So important it has dominated the “news” for months. No excuse. Answer the question. This reluctance to engage in these situations is damning.


    • The mainstream media attempt to discredit this reporter due to Counterspin Media’s connections to Steve Bannon and the fact that in NZ Kelvyn Alp is apparently on their payroll. Whereas its the content of the question that should be the issue.

      And if NZ media want to make an issue of such associations, then how about their own such connections (admitted) with disreputable communists from the Occupy Christchurch protests and once arrested terrorists from the Urewera training group.


    • The AM breakfast show recently had a panel of Prof. Graham Le Gros, Prof. Des Gorman and doomsday fetishist modeller Sean (Masks Forever) Hendy,

      During the interview, conducted by Ryan Bridge, both Prof Des Gorman and Prof Le Gros were rolling their eyes at Hendy’s proposerous ideas. However, it was Prof. Le Gros who stated, in entire disagreement with Hendy that:
      a) “Better vaccines are coming” and more importantly:

      b) ” This vaccine (BioNtech Cominarty) is NOT against the Delta virus.”

      Newshub reporter Ireland Henry-Tennent accused and smeared the counterspin media guy of being a member of a ‘disinformation’ group due to statements made at the outdoor presser up north in a Herald article.

      Both Prof. Le Gros and the Counterspin Media reporter acknowledge the facts concerning BioNtech Cominarty’s waning efficacy; a problem has driven Israel to adopt a third booster shot due to hospitalisations among the double vaccinated.

      It is the PM and media who are in denial and attempting to shut down debate.
      Some media are reporting cases that are fully vaccinated to their credit but the reporting is superficial.

      The biggest chink in Pfizer’s armour so far is this BMJ article
      Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial | The BMJ

      Have Pfizer got to the BMJ?

      Keep up the steller work Red.


  • Highlighting the corruptive pay off benefits. We are very close to a dictatorship …

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  • “. . . just like the fake cowards they all are.”

    I get what you mean, but, as I see it, they are REAL cowards, posing as fake journalists.

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  • Just listened to comrade commissar Cindy’s comments in the video clip. ” . . . someone’s disrupting YOUR [accredited media] press conference today . . . ”

    Wasn’t it Cindy’s press conference? Seems not.

    T’was an open-air propagandist media briefing.


  • Well said Red

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  • What’s a synonym for “accredited” in that context, I wonder? (Sarcasm intended)


  • People see the media bias. Here is another one where the Tame newsreader tries a pathetic gotcha on David Seymour about “what is an acceptable number of deaths from Covid” (to paraphrase). Tames ridiculous position is slapped down when told that on average 9 women /day are diagnosed with breast cancer (when there is screening) – which of course was stopped during some of the lockdowns.


  • She daily demonstrates her inability to even be a competent MP, let alone PM. Thank you Peters, you selected her, and this has provided this communist charlatan an open passport to totally ruin the commercial sector of NZ, along with basic eonomic failures. You will go down as the worst and most dangerous person to ever hold the reins of power in a Western Country. May the silly fools who supported Ardern finally see through her vile ideology and ruination of our once proud and respected country New Zealand.


  • See the name-calling in STUFFed, this (3 Nov) morning: “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opted to suspend a press conference in Northland after an anti-Covid-vaccination heckler appeared.”

    Asking awkward questions = heckling, it seems.

    Perhaps comrade commissar Cindy should be sat down and made to watch this?

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  • Yet another expose of Ardern’s anti-free-media antics.


    • Quite telling that all these criticisms are sourced from overseas media.


      • Unfortunately, Neil Oliver may be right and also wrong.

        He’s not that stupid.

        But he’s in the minority. (Is it too egotistical to say we’re part of that minority? If not, we are!)

        I’ve been on this planet for more than a few decades, now. I was once as stupid as the mob, but I learned, even if slowly and even if learning still. I’ve seen the death of common sense; the death of critical thinking; the death of media ethics; the death of family values; the death of ethical / spiritual / moral / religious values; the death of almost any and every thing that produces societal cohesion in a democratic country.

        Great to see you (RB) have not quite given up, yet.

        If you do, any room for an unsteady, geriatric crew member with some long ago yachting experience?


  • Now we have the charade / debacle of the missed Wanganui Photo Op for comrade commissar Cindy. Outside a vax clinic, a protest against apartheid in NZ based on vaxxed status became – in the fantasy world of the NZ mudstream media – an anti-vax protest. Morons all.

    You’re so right, RB. Nothing short of extreme civil unrest / disobedience – or worse – is going to arrest this racist, fascist, separatist juggernaut dictatorship plaguing NZ.


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