Media won’t hold the powerful to account because they’re part of the powerful

If media are essential to the operation of western democracies, then New Zealand’s democracy is lost. Its obvious to even the most partisan leftist observer that our media is completely failing in its intent to hold the powerful to account. The powerful in this country right now, today, as we speak, is Jacinda Ardern’s government. Its not the opposition.

There’s more. Ardern’s govt is doubly powerful because its a subset of the pervasive global socialist movement. Worse, the media has not only rejected holding the powerful to account, but has actually made itself part of that powerful global cartel. Meaning there is no one holding the global socialist movement, AKA “the powerful” to account.

James Delingpole writes this morning on the catchphrase “build back better”-

As Sherlock Holmes might almost have said: “When two people use the same rubbish catchphrase, that’s a coincidence. But when Tony Blair, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, President Bieber of Canada, Boris Johnson, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris, the Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Sadiq Khan, and Jacinda Ardern all use the exact same rubbish catchphrase as the megalomaniacal globalist Klaus Schwab, that’s starting to look very much like a conspiracy in plain sight.”

He missed out Helen Clark. Also, you could throw in most of the mangers and principles running NZ’s media, who have ensured compliance with the plan by only hiring like minded global left sycophants.

Examples of media’s failure to perform its important role locally are numerous. Yesterday we observed the offensive sight of them gloating along with their Labour comrades over perceived wins in the immature one-upmanship contest Ardern has made out of our parliament.

Oooh, Jacinda called Judith Collins a “Karen”. Wasn’t it hilarious?? And then did you see Grant Robertson’s uproarious putdown during General Debate. So funny I nearly fell off my chair. Everyone was laughing their heads off!”

In fact Jacinda’s use of the word Karen was merely an example of witless girl on girl teenage bile, and the only people laughing uproariously at Robertson’s similarly gormless attempts at humour were his belly crawling comrades. Like Kim Jong Un’s sycophantic support group all afraid not to be the first to stop clapping unless it lead to demotion or worse.

Don’t be fooled by a couple of current variations on the theme of “We love Jacinda”. In the first case (Andrea Vance) its already been exposed as a case of teenage angst between BFFs, and its a pretty good bet the second example (Tova O’Brien) won’t be long in reverting to style.

Even if they wanted to do journalism as it was meant to be done, they’d probably get shut out by the PM’s communications army, banned on Twitter, and perhaps even fired from their jobs.

Most transparent is their plan to destroy Judith Collins, who isn’t quite the globalist suckup they would prefer, and replace her with Christopher Luxon, who is of course as woke as woke, and its a name that would fit so comfortably in Delingpole’s list above.

The National Party too have to decide if they are going to oppose this powerful global force or suck up to it. If they do the latter, that will mean we have lost even the pretence of democracy. If they’re going to fight it, then they have to recognise the media for the fakes they are, and be as critical of them as they are of Labour.

Its infuritating to see this set of circumstances. It was as predictable as hell, and so many could see it coming, but apparently not the National Party, who never did what they should have done to keep our democracy intact. In the unlikely event they regain power, they must immediately defund the fake media of every last cent of taxpayer funding. That’s the very first and most important step that should be taken to restore NZ’s democracy.


  • Thank you again for another succinct summary. You must have lots of readers, but who don’t comment. Why is that?


    • Hi Kevn, thanks for the compliment. I don’t know why readers do not comment. To make up for it, those that do are pretty smart 🙂

      Maybe there is the manufactured stigma of commenting on this site, or maybe they just agree 100% with my opinions 🙂 Who would really know.


  • 💯 on the money !!!


  • Precise commentary on the media in NZ….really immature bunch specially the so called TV reporters..


  • I’m not sure defunding is what many have in mind, jailed for fraudulent use of tax payers money.
    Imposters, I’m sure this is a crime. They pretend to be journalists lol, they are left wing activists.
    And lying, fabricating everything from fake racism to fake Russians are in bed with trump. All the while the fake enemedia journalists are in bed with the CCP. And sadest of all most do it for free whores have higher standards.


  • The traditional left and right political terms are useless. Left and Right have been co-opted by the rainbow elite and are tools of the wealthy. These tools will defeat themselves as they dig their ditch deeper. They are sold out Faustians, not long for this earth.

    There are elements within the right, and within the left, who see this sellout, but lack the confidence to lead us out of the morass. The political machines are bought out. At the moment, the political parties are the number one target for corruption, a bird shit magnet, and get corrupted.

    Yet, there is always hope, even in hopeless situations. This is the raw ethic of the Northern Westerner, to stay chipper in the face of certain death and defeat. Remember Legolas: “Forgive me, I was wrong to despair.”