Media-political class combine with Muslim community in attacking freedom of speech

Watching Andrew Little “interviewed” by fake newser Tova O’Brien was so depressing. Two far left cretins intent on whittling away our freedoms. One is a politician, so that’s not so surprising, but O’Brien purports to be a journalist, and here she is not giving a damn for one of the major underpinnings of her profession- freedom of speech.

Both far out of their depth. The stammering Little tries to tell O’Brien about the technical difficulties involved in blocking internet sites, and it goes right over her head. O’Brien herself is enthusiastically advocating for hate speech laws “like they have in Britain”. For God’s sake. A “journalist” wanting that same kind of vicious tyranny here.

Then there is the findings of the Royal Commission into the Christchurch Shootings, and yet another commission charged with ensuring the recommendations of the first commission are correctly implemented. This process is dominated by Muslim activists, who want severe limitations on freedom. They want to turn our country into the shitholes they escaped from.

All through the interview, there is not one word said by either Little or O’Brien about preserving our freedom of speech. During the process of implementing the recommendations of the commission/s, there is apparently no one advocating or looking out for us, and our freedoms. Its all about the left and the media and Islam’s sick obsession with cancel culture. And what Little perceives as the need to “allow Muslims to feel safe”.

Depressing. Doubly depressing. What a sad basket case culture exists in New Zealand today. Some clips from the interview in the video below.