Its not your radio station Susie

Susie Ferguson needs to be fired for her unprofessional ongoing feud with Nats leader Judith Collins. It wouldn’t matter so much if Radio NZ wasn’t taxpayer funded. However, it is, and that means we should at least have balance. With Ms Ferguson we just get full on hostility from a leftist perspective that constantly deprives listeners of the information they need to hear. Listen to the recording below for an example.

Susie has her breakfast (a combination of yoghurt, fruit, oats, cinnamon, and ground flax seed) during the show

People want to hear not what has irritated Susie in recent weeks, but Judith’s comments on current events.  For example her views on Covid-19 management and Jacinda Ardern’s clumsy “hate speech” laws.

We didn’t get the chance as all Susie wanted was to hassle Collins endlessly on the “retirement” of the leaker Todd Muller. When Collins said she was invited on the show to talk about things other than Muller’s resignation, Ferguson rudely ended the conversation.

Even though Judith politely explained again and again that Muller’s situation was a party management affair and nothing to do with the parliamentary wing, Ferguson pursued it with utter rudeness and arrogance unbecoming to a public servant. Especially when that public servant is underqualified and due to her consistent left wing mindset, constantly delivers sub par performances on radio.

Hate speech Minister Faafoi is preparing a new scenario for public broadcasters TVNZ and Radio NZ. They’re apparently to be merged into one, although as the blundering incompetent Faafoi is in charge one wouldn’t know what to expect. If rationality prevailed, both commie dominated outfits would be sold off, or at the very least turned into subscription services.

Then bigoted unprofessional presenters like Suzie Ferguson would be held accountable for her poor performances. Unlikely to happen. With Faafoi guiding the process, she’ll probably be promoted for the work she is doing to de-stablize National’s leadership. Listen to the interview in the audio below-


  • Is it a matter of, “gotta make a name for yourself, no matter what / how.”

    A bit like the NZ MP mantra of “any publicity is better than none.”

    The bottom line to all this, RB, might be summed in that old axiom.

    “When all is done and said,
    There’s more that’s said than done.”

    Until ‘she’ll be right’ couch-potato kiwis are roused from their somnambulist torpor, nothing will change.

    The reds and radicals march in the streets. All the while, the ‘silent majority’ do nothing except mumble under their breath.


    • Salacious Crumb

      “All the while, the ‘silent majority’ do nothing except mumble under their breath.”

      Solzhenitsyn said much the same thing.


      • I see she got exactly the same treatment with the same list of questions and the same intent on TV One from John Campbell, another despicable commie. The questions were so identical in wording its hard to escape the conclusion they had conspired to use the occasion to embarrass Collins. Left media’s intent is obviously to install Luxon as leader.


  • You have to hand it to a guy like George Galloway when it comes to media.

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    • Baffled as to why the Nats are always so ready to be pilloried by the media. Its as if they enjoy it.


      • Judith Collins needs to step it up. She needs to take it to these rude ignorant media bums from the minute they show their colours. Yay to George Galloway, what a lesson in how to handle the shite BBC! More of this please. Gives me hope.


        • Agree with you Sharrylou, but the Nats seem incapable of confronting the media. Don’t know whether its cowardice or a planned strategy, but whatever, its not doing them any good.