You can’t teach an old commie dog new tricks

An article quite critical of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s govt is currently listed as the most read item on Stuff News. Will they learn from this? Realise that this is what their real role is and its what people want from them?

Andrea Vance, ex News of the World reporter, currently working for Stuff

Doubtful. Intercine warfare is typical of the left, and once Stuff have got over their pique at being denied information they want, they’ll revert to type. That’s the Palace Guard. Doing token articles of weak criticism now and again, but in the main protecting Ardern and attacking her opposition.

If the writer of the article votes, she would have undoubtedly voted for Labour or the Greens every election, and she will go on doing so. If you were born in Northern Ireland, and you’re still a leftist 50 years later, you’re unlikely to change those views ever.

There is a template that has developed over the last thirty or so years that is common to so many women in the media and politics. Not all of them, but many. They’re influenced at a young age by someone in the family already a hard leftist. They go to school, and are mentored by a radical teacher, and its most often here that they get their first taste of feminism.

They move on to university, where they become part of leftist university clubs, and are introduced to more sophisticated political ideas, like Marxism and or third wave feminism. If they’re slightly unstable emotionally, or narcissistic, they make even better foot soldiers for the cause, as most leftist messaging is designed to play to emotion at the expense of reason.

They become dedicated to the cause, and pursue a career in politics or media with insane vigour while the parents wait impatiently for their grandchildren to arrive. They never do, for the feminist knows with utter certainty that marriage and children are for losers.

In most cases they eventually yield to social pressure and marry, but not always. Helen Clark reportedly cried on her wedding day, probably tears of regret for succumbing to convention. However even when married, they seldom have children, and drift into middle age before the realization that they just might have got the whole thing a bit wrong starts to seep into their consciousness.

So they buy dogs or cats, and these acquisitions become central to their lives while they grow bitter and allow the political views that ruined their life to become even more entrenched. They reach an age where they’re stubborn and resistant to change. Their token husbands are just a blip in their lives and they eventually become cynical nasty lonely old women. Often with a penchant for alcohol.

Media feminists with lives patterned on this template have helped elect the Ardern govt for two terms now. So what do we have to show for it?

Unending attacks on free speech. Gun grabbing. Attempts to bend democracy to their favour through separatism or cultural favouritism. Furious examples of cancel culture enacted by people on their payroll. SIS door knocks for harmless jokes on social media. Arrests for dubious political offenses.

Stuff has in the main cheered for all of this, as they cheered for Jacinda Ardern during two elections. They’ve got the govt they deserve, a sinister “progressive” administration that is manipulating media as communists always do, and slowly devolving into something that is about as much like the Stasi as they could be in a democratic society.

That Stuff couldn’t see this coming is a reason why most of their partisan and intractably left wing staff shouldn’t even be in the journalism business.


  • Yeah Red … totally agree with your analysis of the token Stuff article penned by Vance. My first impression of her drivel was that it was a con-job by Stuff …. they have been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism recently exposing Stuff as one of Ardern’s leading propaganda platforms … so Vance’s piece comes-over more as a pathetic attempt at damage control to try and rescue Stuff’s credibility (not that it ever had any).


  • Classic analysis.
    Flip side of that coin is the meak Man.


  • They may just be hoping the crocodile has lost the taste for raw meat by the time all the plebs are in gulags.