Ardern’s insincerity on electric cars, and the trap she is leading you into

Perhaps Jacinda Ardern’s most notable election campaign moment was when she claimed she never lied. After 4 years of deceptive announcements, failed actions and media coverups, would she still make this claim?

She probably would. The Prime Minister has enough skill in deception to fool a large part of the NZ public, and she does it by choosing her words so carefully it is always difficult to pin down what she says as an actual lie.

It would be another thing altogether if she had said she is never dishonest, for she has basically been this ever since her govt was first elected. So many examples of false promises exist its hardly worth listing them. However there is a separate issue here that is not so far touched upon, and that is the difference between good intentions that do not materialise, and a deliberate deception.

Electric cars are foolish, as explained on this blog so many times. However, so far we have not really touched on the deceit that goes hand in hand with this foolishness. Why is the govt being so foolish? What’s the idea?

Even the braindead dunces that make up the current govt cannot be so stupid as to think a) electric cars can replace ICE cars or b) that they are environmentally beneficial. Each electric car imported into NZ will need at least another tonne per year of imported coal to keep it running.

Disposal of used batteries is a huge environmental headache. As for renewables, the world is already drowning in millions of derelict solar panels and windmills. So why are they promoting EVs with such vigour. What’s the real agenda here?

Here it is, all explained- The electric car push is in the first place designed to eradicate petrol cars, that historically cheap and effective means of transport. Once ICE cars are extinct, and with electric cars the only option, then the real crunch will arrive.

Translation- “Comrades, rail workers! Let’s execute the 5-year plan of railway transport in four years!” Soviet Union 1948

Electric cars will be found to be too expensive, unable to maintain their resale value, inconvenient in terms of use, and due to a lack of electricity, unable to be regularly charged. People will soon tire of them, and realise they were a silly gimmick. A demonstration of mass hysteria and insanity. They will be left in wreckers yards to pile up with the ICE cars.

The only people able to afford cars will be public servants. (same old nomenklatura that eventuates in all socialist systems) If tradesman or farmers or businesses need them, they’ll pay a fortune to use them.

Will the people also realise this was the plan all along? With no ICE cars available and the fuel delivery network derelict, and electric cars too expensive and virtually useless, the vast bulk of the people will have no option but to turn to public transport, and that my friends has been the agenda all along.

Socialist ideologues like Jacinda Ardern (Head of IUSY) and her Green Communist party coalition have no time for cars and the individual freedoms they provide. Like quick and efficient transport to anywhere at short notice and in good time. None of that proletariat middle class stuff comrades. You will all catch the train and you will all like it.

So the electric car push is just a deceitful socialist subterfuge, and the media won’t expose it because today its made up of same kind of mind-crippled socialist ideologues as the govt. When Jacinda said she didn’t lie, she was at least technically correct. If she had said she was not a duplicitous scheming ideologue, well, then we would have her.



  • Salacious Crumb

    I await the trains hauling brightly painted red box cars emblazoned with “Drink New Zealand Champagne” on the sides.


    • It is just staggering to me how much some NZers like being pushed around by govt. It seems as if independence of mind is a thing of the far distant past. Situation not helped by all the cronyist “free marketeers” rushing to take advantage.


      • Salacious Crumb

        Couldn’t agree more. We are literally sleep walking towards totalitarianism. Keep shining that spotlight Baity. You’re doing great work.


  • I have lived in NW Auckland for 31 years. The 2 huge gas-gobling government jets have never been so busy. Totalitarianism? You bet!!


  • I don’t think shes actually smart enough to push such a malevolent agenda.
    For a start she they are incapable of creating the public transport infrastructure necessary.
    Even when a Canadian pension fund wanted to fund a driverless metro, the govt. cant get their act together on it.

    Basically they’re on the EV bandwagon because it’s seen to be popular.
    Loads of things politicians attach themselves to like flies to manure that I would put in the same category over the years: 3DPrinting, Biotech, Trains, Windmills, Planting Trees etc.

    None of these things are inherently bad if they are undertaken by a market force and the price system but a disaster when politicians get involved.
    Trying to distort the private vehicle market will be subject to the law of unintended consequences for the simple reason making ICE vehicles more expensive hurts the poor who are more likely to keep their old vehicles and not upgrade to a cleaner vehicle.
    The govt. underestimates the ingenuity of people if they think this won’t happen. Look at Cuba, still running plenty of cars from the 1960’s where parts from tractors, lawnmowers were initially used to keep them going, and shampoo as brake fluid. Good for the environment?
    And they were old American cars. I hate to think how many kms you could get out of a Toyota if you were determined to keep it running. Probably a lifetime.