Why won’t any NZ politician speak this simple truth?

NZ is drowning in lies right now, and that’s because there is a dearth of politicians with the guts to speak truth. Australian National party MP Matt Canavan doesn’t lack that guts, and in this video he speaks the plain and simple truth on Net Carbon emissions that every NZ National and ACT MP should be speaking.

Zero carbon is a myth, and the Carbon Trading Scheme is just an illusion. A false market masquerading as the free market. As Matt Canavan says, it will only bring profit to cronyists, grifters and bankers.

Yep, the banks are a big part of it because they see it as a profit generator for them. Is this then the reason National and ACT will not speak truth? Because they’re both beholden to the financial sector?

That the man in the street, should have his cost of living driven through the roof and his job destroyed because of an alliance between big business and the far left zealots of the Green Communist party is almost unbelievable, but its happening.

Queensland National Party Senator Matt Canavan

Far worse though is the people we depend upon to speak truth are showing a complete abdication of care for their main constituency. Their voters.

Judith Collins and all of National, and David Seymour and all of ACT should know by now we depend upon them to protect us from the predations of the left and their cronies in big business.

Every word Matt Canavan speaks in the above video is the damn honest truth, and National and ACT should be speaking it too. Stop betraying us, start returning the support we give you, and stop lying on Zero Carbon and Carbon Trading.

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  • Yeah, well wasn’t the carbon trading concept invented by the guys behind Enron? ?? Says it all really.