Jacinda Ardern & Leon Trotsky, the father of “International Socialism”

The New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and most of those who graduated from the Marxist group the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) are actually followers of Leon Trotsky (1879 -1940). Trotsky basically designed the blueprint for all of the organised chaos that is occurring in most western societies today.

One time PM Helen Clark was a high ranking member of IUSY parent group Socialist International for decades. António Guterres, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations also graduated from IUSY and is likewise a Trotskyite.

Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin brought the communist revolution to Russia, from whence grew the United Soviet Socialist Republic. After Lenin died, Trotsky fell out of favour and was eventually assassinated at the order of Joseph Stalin, Lenin’s successor.

Trotsky had been promoting his own brand of Marxism, which was at the time known as “Proletarian Internationalism”. Today though it is known as “international socialism”.

IUSY, and its parent organisation Socialist International, that so many of our current leaders belong to, exists to promote modern day Trotskyism. An ideology based on the theory that communism cannot work unless it is applied globally.-

“the framework for totalitarianism must be developed simultaneously in all Western countries, not from outside the institutions, but inside through what Trotsky called “permanent revolution”. Trotsky’s theory held that, historically, a socioeconomic system had to be seen as a world system rather than a national one.”

Trotskyism is preferred by western left wing academics because it (initially) rejects the violent methods used by Stalin and seen as the reason for communism’s failure in the USSR.

The improved modern strategy is gradual social engineering, which aims to dismantle society from within in every western country using accelerating chaos, and then re-assemble that society in a new predefined shape: the totalitarian state. With the United Nations designated as the centerpiece for one world government under global socialism.

Its why Donald Trump was so insanely opposed by the left. When he unexpectedly won the 2016 election, beating Hilary Clinton, he upset decades of planning by global socialists, (including Obama) and by re-establishing the US as an independent world power, put back their plans to subjugate the US to the UN by decades. With Biden as President, their plans are back on track.

Now you know what is happening, why things are in a constantly accelerating  state of chaos and disarray. Its all part of the co-ordinated global socialist plan rooted in the ideas of original communist Leon Trotsky and that Jacinda Ardern and anyone who was ever a part of Socialist International or IUSY understands perfectly.

Note: There is a video of Jacinda Ardern at a IUSY convention. If you look hard, you can see enlarged scenes from the Russian revolution playing on the screen behind her. Believe me, she knows what is going on.