Muller- get out now!

Muller has admitted leaking to the media on the Harete Hipango story, as predicted in an earlier post on this blog. The party is now claiming he has resigned, but what sort of resignation is it when it doesn’t take effect for two and a half years?

How can someone so obviously untrustworthy sit in parliament for that long, and what damage could he do over that period? He has to go now.

Muller has been caught betraying his own party to its worst enemy, and if anyone would believe this is the first time he has done so, they would need their head examined.

Its actually a pretty poor reflection on the MPs that elected him leader. They must be incredibly bad judges of character. How can we entrust them with making political judgments for us?

Chris Bishop, a big Muller backer in the coup, needs to be looked at pretty closely too

Muller has to go now, and that he has not gone is a very bad look for Judith Collins. She says she does not have the power to sack Muller, which is true technically as the decision lies with the board.

However its plain Judith wants Muller gone. If he doesn’t go, its proof she lacks power within the party and does not have the support of the board. She cannot remain leader if this is so.

If Muller does not change his mind tonight and leave immediately, then there is only one course of action. Collins must call for a leadership spill to assert her authority. Presuming she wins, Muller must then be sacked by the board, who will also want to look hard at Christopher Luxon’s membership of the party.

Its hard to believe that Luxon would not have had any knowledge of Muller’s treachery, and he is himself therefore tarred with the same brush.

National also wants to look hard at the board, and in particular the leadership. If they cannot support Collins after such an abject display of treachery from Muller, then maybe they should not be part of the National Party either.

They should resign in masse and follow Muller and Luxon into the political wilderness. Hopefully never to return.

There have been serial leakers within National for a number of years. Feeding enemies like Tova O’Brien and other mainstream media leftists. Obviously Muller was one of them, and it is not surprising given he was on NewstalkZB the day before his leadership challenge pledging loyalty to Simon Bridges.

That takes an extraordinary level of shameless deceit, and taking this recent episode into account, raises serious questions about Muller’s character. He has to go, right now, by either of the processes outlined above.

If he doesn’t then it shows the Nats are a fractured weak collection of shifty back stabbers and politically lost opportunists who do not deserve the vote of honest and decent people.


  • No surprises hes back on the “protecting his mental health” bandwagon. A complete disgrace. But we already knew that.


    • People are concerned that if he was booted, and caused a by-election that National might lose. Well, if they’re too damn gutless to take that risk, and would rather a back stabber like Muller sitting on the backbenches, then they’re an even worse bunch of losers than I imagined. They have to stand up.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Not withstanding the shabby treatment of Hamish Walker who had been told by Muller; “Front foot this and it will blow over. We’ve got your back”. Two days later he’s demanding Walker resign. How can any party stand such a shallow, duplicitous piece of shit within their ranks let alone as leader?
    I believe his breakdown was genuine but of the PTSD type; that is the inability of the self to reconcile how entirely capable of evil the individual actually is. Must be tough for a Christian who continually breaks the word of his God.