Propaganda, hypocrisy and apparatchiks- TV One and the EECA

The way the New Zealand govt uses TV One News and associated shows for its own propaganda is typical of communist states the world over. Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Communist China. Given Ardern is the one time leader of far left global group Socialist International should we be surprised?

Last nighty the odious commie boot lickers who present Seven Sharp admonished us for using cars for short trips. The always smug smirking apparatchik Hilary Barry did her usual Eva Peron act and with her sickeningly compliant comrade Jeremy Wells (grow a spine Wells) talked down to us peons, telling us to listen here while another braindead apparatchik (Jo Bye from from the EECA) parroted her Pravda style propaganda.

The EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) is another pack of non-productive bludgers gravy training on the Climate Change scam. They take about $50 million out of your pocket (much of it from fuel levys) and spend about a quarter of that on wages and travel expenses. Yes, that’s right travel. They move about all over the place. Flying, and guess what, taking short trips in cars.

The CEO of the EECA (Jo Bye’s boss) is one Andrew Caseley and his annual expenses make interesting reading. You can download if from their web site in an Excel file. The total on the sheet is $7168.36 and a huge part of that covers taxi/Uber/car hire fees. Although he  has used the bus on infrequent occasions, most are taxis to and from airports or for short trips around town.

For one of many examples, he took an Uber from Parnell to the EECA offices (41 Shortland Street Auckland) at a cost of $6.83. All up, Andrew used cars 60 times, but buses, which Jo Bye is telling us we should take, he only used 9 times. And what about flying all over the country when we can do video conferencing so easily these days???

In the old Soviet Union there was a strata of society called the Nomenklatura. Privileged communist party apparatchiks whose lives were comfortable and pleasant because they lived high on the taxes paid by the peasants, at the same time as they fervently preached equality. Such arrant hypocrisy is a big part of socialism, and its starkly on display at the EECA and TV One today.