Solution is not to bring back Winnie but to give Luxon the boot

Its not all of the National Party that is pitiful and weak, but a large part of it is, and that part is in the driving seat. Sure, Judith Collins is leader, but every time she demonstrates a small spark of courage, she is shut down by the wet faction.

The Nationals have to deal with this problem or Winston may well have the momentum he needs to weasel his way back into parliament, along with the grifter Shane Jones and numerous other cronyist con artists.

Christopher Luxon is a Labourite who should never have been permitted to join National

Tova O’Brien ran the results of a May poll and claimed that the public don’t want Winston. The poll was actually good for Winston as almost 20% were in favour of his return, and all he needs is 5%. In Newshub’s own online poll this morning half the vote is welcoming his return.

Winston is only an issue because National’s pitiful abject disunited weakness allows him a foot in the door. They are still suffering the pain of their woefully poor selection processes under the presidency of Peter Goodfellow, and Winston is therefore able to make hay from their disunity and lack of message.

Christopher Luxon for example should never have been permitted to join the party but told to go away and join Labour. This mistake is at the root of National’s disunity and lack of message. Without Luxon and his cronies the Nats would be speaking out on the issues Winston is now receiving voluble applause for.

Luxon was one of the few politicians invited to an exclusive dinner with Barack Obama when he visited NZ

There is so much meat on the bone, and Winston can see that, but Luxon cannot. The Nats should be speaking out on Maori radicalisation and separatism, the utter folly of electric cars and the insane war on ICE vehicles.

They should be loudly criticising the complete and utter madness of the partisan fake Carbon Commission’s recommendations, (Rod Carr is obviously a left wing stooge) and the idiocy of the climate change scam that is at the core of so much that is wrong with New Zealand.

They don’t do any of this. In almost every case they accept Labour’s core proposition and only mutter about changes around the fringes. Utterly hopeless and gutless and woke as Labour, and it mostly stems from the Luxon faction.

Winston is not going to find it as easy to return to NZ First leadership as he thinks, as there are other things going on with the party. This is why he has said he will come back “if they want me”.

Shady Shane Jones was fully invested in the fake Carbon Trading market and a disaster for NZ First

The party does have potential, but not under Winston and Shane Jones who are past their use by date. It needs revitalisation and new purpose. Some in the party are trying to bring this about, and their plans do not include Winston.

The bottom line is NZ does not need the guy whose pique with Bill English allowed NZ to fall under the spell of a communist ideologue. What NZ needs is a real opposition, and that’s why the National Party has to give Luxon his marching orders.

If NZ wants an effective opposition to the Labour/Radical Maori/Green Communist ruling faction, the cry should not be “Bring back Winnie”, but “Give Luxon the arse”.

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