Luxon- why let media choose the National Party leader?

You know who the NZ media are. Pretty much a rabble of communist propagandists. A recent survey says you trust them about as far as you could kick them, so why would you let them choose the leader of NZ’s National Party?

Christopher Luxon is currently at two per cent in the polls for preferred PM. So why is he even in the running? He’s not actually, he’s there mainly because the people who commissioned the poll put him there. That is Newshub and Tova O’Brien.

Why did they put him there? Why out of all of the 33 National MPs does the NZ media think Luxon is the man? Not for any reason a conservative would agree with. They put him there because they, in all their ingrained group think left wing progressive wisdom, regard Luxon as the one who is closest to their own idea of who should lead National.

This has to be a big reason to exclude Luxon from any leadership contest.

There is more though. Luxon has a reputation as a successful business man, (although this could well be argued down to mediocre). During his maiden speech he boasted of the cultural changes he had made while CEO of Air New Zealand, the position he held before becoming an MP.

What were these cultural changes? They were the kind of changes that identify Mr. Luxon as a wokester corporatist. In fact, someone more suited to be in the Labour Party and dragging it to the right, rather than in National and dragging it to the left.

Here is the record of the “improvements” he brought about at Air New Zealand-

  • defined family violence as a workplace issue
  • reduced “pay equity gap” to zero
  • increased percentage of women in leadership from 16% to 44%
  • introduced special hiring policies for Maori and Pacific Islanders
  • earned “Rainbow Tick” for gay friendly management policies
  • foundation member of Climate Leaders Coalition
  • converted all company cars to electric

Now Jacinda Ardern never had much of a chance to implement policies like this in any management position, as she never got past the fish chip counter in her private employment career. However if she ever by some remote chance did end up as CEO of Air NZ, these are exactly the policies she would implement, and be as proud of them as Christopher Luxon is.

So from his time at Air New Zealand, we get a pretty good idea of Mr Luxon’s political ideas. If the media want to make him leader of one of NZ’s major parties that’s fine. The problem is they’ve got the party wrong.

Mr Luxon would be an excellent candidate for leadership of the New Zealand Labour Party.