National Party’s messaging utterly chaotic

It was depressing to watch the pathetic shambolic National Party torn apart by the jackals of the New Zealand media yesterday. At a time when messaging is so important in to the defeat of Jacinda Ardern, they were all over the place like a mad woman’s excrement.

Tukino Te Heuheu

If they can’t present a unified front against the insane rhetoric of Labour’s far left pretend-Maori radicals, and the even more radical fake Maori party, then what can they unite on?

Leading the Nat’s chaotic surrender was Christopher Luxon, so wet, so left, so clueless. Right now we don’t need a reminder of Peter Goodfellow’s incompetence in managing party selections, but Luxon was determined to provide one.

Right behind Luxon was the arch betrayer Muller, who if he ever had any personal code of honour should have resigned immediately after the last election. If not before. Unfathomable that this useless dribbling incompetent is still there and stabbing senior party members in the back again.

That they even allow themselves to be dragged into the mire of the Marxist Critical Theory white supremacy colonisation debate is bad enough, but when Paul Goldsmith takes a moderate stand against it at least they should back him up.

No, the clueless dupes are so intimidated they cravenly surrender to the NZ media and the likes of Willy Jackson, John Tamihere, Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, like dogs wanting a pat on the head from their masters.

Judith Collins needs to pull her caucus into line or the Nats might as well fold their tents and ride off into the sunset. They can’t seem to get that middle New Zealand, including the large majority of those with Maori blood are screaming out for them to take a stand against separatism.

Here is an example. Martin Te Heuheu is no pseudo-Maori. His father, Rongomai Te Heuheu who died some years ago, was the brother of Sir Hepi Te Heuheu, paramount chief of Ngati Tuwharetoa, descendant of Tukino Te Heuheu who in the late 1880s deeded the mountains Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe to New Zealand as a national park. In an interview with the Free Radical magazine Martin said-

If you guys hadn’t come to New Zealand, it’s highly likely that Maori wouldn’t have survived. We were stone age. We were illiterate, and that’s the truth. We’d just about eaten everything there was to eat; the moa was already extinct, and we were eating each other. We would have killed each other off. Now we have the best of everything in the world. While Maori are running around screaming that we’ve been ripped off [by the European] they’re taking advantage of high-tech this and high-tech that. They’re demanding millions of dollars in compensation, plus apologies, and white liberals are sucked into this bullshit.”

What Martin misses here is that the far let are merely leveraging separatism as a means to drag NZ into communism, but still, his rebuttal is well expressed. Far better than anything the Nats can muster.

If Collins can’t get the messaging problem fixed then the Nats need to bite the bullet and split the party. Luxon and Muller and the rest of the treacherous wet left faction should go and if Sid Holland was still alive and in charge they would have been gone yesterday anyway.

Video below of Luxon’s disgusting betrayal of his leadership. Notice at the end how the weak partisan media allow Jacinda Ardern to escape scrutiny as usual.


  • The New Zealander

    I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    The media are finding it so easy to embarrass National. Although they lean left, the journalists seem to revert back to taking the piss out of National whenever there are no other stories.

    National are a shambolic mess with no sign of anything resembling a coherent conservative/right wing philosophy that might start appealing to middle New Zealand. Most Kiwis would agree with Goldsmith, yet the Nats are so scared that they fall over themselves trying to appease the Marxists.

    I’ll never vote for National again. Our only hope is to take over a smaller party. I plan to do it.


    • How pathetic and weak, look into the camera shoulders back and announce what you are about, and be proud. What a bunch of wet rags, a jellyfish has more backbone

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    • It hurts me to say it, but Ardern seems to have more clues on how to handle this issue than the Nats. Given of course that she gets a far easier ride from media. However if the Nats had just said what she said right from the start, and stuck to it, then media would have nothing to make a story from. As it is, Nats have played right into their hands.
      Sorry, but I’m going to add an edit to this comment, because after thinking about what I said, realised I missed an important point, in that there is a good argument to make here that so called colonisation was a good thing. The trouble is the Nats seem incapable of making that argument, so in lieu of failing so miserably in their attempts, it is perhaps better not to say anything in the first place.

      Also, we are IMHO overlooking an important point here in that what happened in NZ when pioneers arrived here from England and other points on the globe and built a country from virtually nothing does not necessarily fit the definition of “colonisation”, but that’s a lengthy argument and best left for another time.