Did voters know of Jacinda’s “audacious” Maori language plan?

Its past time New Zealanders became aware that Jacinda Ardern has covertly transformed the Labour party into a more moderate but still radical version of the Maori Party.

The Labour govt plans to use millions of taxpayer dollars and its full resources to push Maori language on New Zealand. Something that was never revealed as policy before the 2020 election. It plans to change the “national psyche”.

Its called The Crown’s Strategy for Māori Language Revitalisation 2019–2023 and its explained in a 48 page document you can download below.

Willie Jackson replaced Nanaia Mahuta as Minister for Maori Development in 2020

This blog revealed a while ago that pushing Maori culture was a condition of media funding, but we did not know of the main plan. The scheme that was the driver of those conditions.

Apparently its been in force since 2019 and involves using every arm of the public service and all media and every instance where the govt engages with the public to push Maori language.

Did the public know of this when they rushed to vote for Jacinda in 2020? Of course not. So much of what this govt does, it does without a mandate. The plan states-

The protection and promotion of te reo me ngā tikanga Māori as taonga is key to the success of a New Zealand that embraces its diversity and the partnership created through Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This Maihi Karauna strategy sets out a bold vision for te reo Māori in the future, and sets out what actions the government will prioritise over the next five years to move towards this vision.

The plan has three “audacious” goals –

  • seeks to establish te reo Māori as a key part of national identity in the national psyche
  • by 2040, one million people (or more) will be using te reo Māori in community immersion domains
  • by 2040, 150,000 Māori aged 15 and over will use te reo Māori as much as English

Compulsion is a big part of the plan. The Public sector work force will be forced to learn and use Maori language and it will also become compulsory in schools quote “integrating te reo Māori across the education pathway, into every ECE, primary school and intermediate schools by 2025” unquote.

This is an appalling document, written from a completely subjective viewpoint, it is basically an instruction on how to use propaganda, the govt, the education system and our social institutions to force Maori language and culture upon the country. Of course it involves massive indoctrination of young NZers.

Did 52% of New Zealanders vote for the virtual cultural conversion of our country? How could they when Jacinda Ardern never told them it was on her agenda.

Download document (pdf) The Crown’s Strategy For Maori Language Revitalisation 2019-2023


  • > “. . . partnership created through Te Tiriti o Waitangi.”
    The Treaty of Waitangi created no such thing.
    That’s a total fabrication and an outright lie.

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    • Yes, a big lie repeated often. According to the Goebbel’s strategy that such a lie will eventually become accepted as truth.

      NZ is drowning in propaganda, so many other counterfeit ideas about, yet it seems impossible to break through.


  • Lo siento, estoy aprendiendo español antes de la lengua muerta de los maoríes


  • The New Zealander

    I was at the Winston Peters speech today. Let me know your thoughts.


    • My thoughts are get rid of Winston and that goddam crook Jones and run the party yourself. With Labourite Luxon and his wet liberal clique destroying the National Party and hobbling Judith Collins there’s a race now to see who can sweep up the votes of pissed off Nat supporters. Not all of them want to vote for climate change believers ACT. That’s where the focus needs to be.


  • Lest we forget . . .
    When global warming proved to be wrong, the un-challengable mantra ‘climate change’ was it’s phoenix-like replacement.

    The climate around here changes seasonally, as I imagine it does, most everywhere.

    Makes it hard to debunk. A substitute name chosen with artful and careful craft.

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    • Salacious Crumb

      Don’t worry I’m sure this Marxist bunch will come up with a way to tax solar activity and Milankovich Cycle variations. After all, these are the biggest influencers on Earths climate. And if the woke really want to dishonour the Treaty; keep referring to “Aotearoa”. No mention of this in any copies of the ToW but strangely the Maori descriptor “Nu Tirani/Tiruni” is mentioned throughout.

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  • L & M. Comfortable alphabetic bedfellows.
    Latin and Maori. Archaic and uncomfortable bedfellows in the annals of history.
    Leave them both where they belong.


  • Key started it

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  • Yeah. Sir Shonkey and Pretty Sharpie.

    But who will finish it?


  • Even solid Cindy supporters are unhappy at the way the Maori lingo is being forced upon us. And on the subject of free speech, the new law passed last week will have dire consequences on those of us who try to speak out.