How NZ communists recruit- typical case study

Marsden grants are administered by the Royal Society of NZ. That’s the group that recently published the claim that during the 7th century, Maori had navigated to Antartica. (They also had a big part in designing the recent draft history curriculum, the racist fiction that is to be taught in all NZ schools).

In the most recent grants allocation, the Head of Auckland University of Technology Dept of Public Health, Dr Heather Came received $870,000 to-

develop a transformational theory and practice of anti-racism that is relevant to all levels of the health sector. The aim of this research is to eliminate racism and health inequities in the health sector by developing an action-focused theory of anti-racism to underpin and inform cohesive and sustainable anti-racism endeavours.

If we keep putting good money into worthless poorly defined communist crap like this, and further fund its teaching in our universities, it won’t be long before we can kiss every aspect of our free western society goodbye.

Why is it communist? Isn’t it just standard academic study? No its not. Communists seek to systematically destabilize our societies and weaken them to the point they crumble into incoherency and dysfunction. Then they step in and take control, either by political deceit or by force. Its the strategy they have used throughout history. Sometimes its called Critical Theory, or Cultural Marxism.

This kind of study, whether the researchers know it or not, is designed to assist in the above objectives, and so far in NZ, suffering as we are an epidemic of such crap, its working well. You can see the disunity everywhere. The cohesive society we had in the fifties has been white anted into dysfunction and disarray. Dr Came smears NZ as a racist country. She said-

“You can see racism across our public sector, in our institutions, in school curriculums, playgrounds, on the streets.”

Compared to where they never say. Dr Came’s story of how she came to be so deeply involved in her life’s mission is interesting. In the abstract to her Ph.D. thesis, she explains her journey into activism-

When I moved to the city to go to university I was exposed to a diverse collection of new people and experiences. I met stroppy feminists, articulate political Maori, vegetarians, gay men, lesbians, and people involved in solidarity actions of assorted kinds.

Within quite a short period, I started the long journey of learning Te Reo Maori (Maori language) and in doing so became a minority for the first time in my life.

I began to learn about my own, up until then invisible to me, culture. After university hostel food, inspired by my sister, I became a vegetarian and surprised myself by working out that I was neither heterosexual nor lesbian rather bisexual.

Becoming a feminist to me seemed an inevitable rite of passage for any sensible young woman. Activism and the pursuit of social justice endure as key drivers in my life.

Which is what happens to so many well adjusted sensible young men and women once they come into contact with our modern universities. They are cleaved from the bosom of their parents and family, and taught that everything they held dear was reactionary middle class deceit and a product of the petite bourgesie.

The NZ Taxpayer’s Union has recently been highly critical of the Marsden Fund, and rightly so. They are funding strategies to destroy everything that is good in our society.

It happened to Dr Came. It happened to Helen Clark. It happened to Jacinda Ardern. It might have happened to your own children. You may have seen it in the manner they sneer at your ideas on life and morals and religion and courtesy and virtue and regard them with utter contempt.

Dr Came and the others mentioned above are the tip of the iceberg. As millions of dollars are poured into our universities to fund these courses, thousands of our offspring are being brainwashed with this vile ideology, and often their lives then become dedicated to spreading it through the same academies by which it was introduced to them.

Its not a recipe for good social outcomes. In fact it will eventually bring disaster. (as intended by its architects). How we stop it is not clear right now, but its fairly obvious that like so many such problems in our society it is funded by govt. Cut off the funding, and this evil will melt away like ice in the sun.

First though we have to elect politicians who recognise the problem and want to fix it. If you can find one of these please advise. Whoever he/ she is, they will need help, and we should give them every support we can. The first thing they need to do is close down the Marsden Fund.


  • Great article…. Not forgetting it starts even earlier nowadays…. The leftist school curriculum and education… majority of teachers tainted to some degree.


    • Was watching Louder with Crowder a few days ago, and they were discussing NZ and its anti-free speech laws and how it contrasts with the USA where speech is protected by the first amendment. Their disdain for NZ’s laws and politicians (Ardern especially) brought home me to how deeply embedded the anti-free speech sentiment is in NZ society today. We let these things gradually grow bigger and bigger, and they just become accepted as normal, when really, they’re poisoning our society. Such a shame that NZers are so unaware of what is really happening, and how things so important to our free society are being gradually destroyed.


  • So – is it too much to hope for? That somehow, someway, kiwis will awaken from their torpor before it’s too late?

    * First they came for hate speech and I did not speak out – because I did not speak with hate.
    * Then they came for disharmonious speech and I did not speak out – because I did not speak with dis-harmony.
    * Then they came for harmful speech and I did not speak out – because I did not speak with harm.
    * Then they came for free speech – and all around – everyone was afraid to say a word.

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