Media incitement and resulting police brutality demand public enquiry

A shocking confession from a police detective who volunteered to remove the anti-mandate protesters from parliament raises questions that should be answered by public enquiry (or even Royal Commission).

The confession provides a stark picture of the mindset of police involved in the clearing operation. It also raises questions about the mainstream media’s role in promoting an entirely false narrative concerning the protests. Thereby inciting hatred and encouraging disinformed (and gullible) police to commit acts of brutality towards the protesters.

Below is the insanely bigoted and prejudiced comment from the unnamed police detective, who volunteered for the operation after responding to incentives such as five star accommodation and bonuses. Incentives that suggest among more wise elements of police staffing, there was a sensible reluctance to participate. The unnamed detective made the statement in a mainstream media interview published today. He said-

I was angry we were being treated like that. I wanted to do my bit. This protest had all the hallmarks of the Capitol siege when protesters tried to overturn Trump’s defeat – the violence, the anger, the intense hatred from the disenfranchised and the rabid right-wing. We had a unique opportunity and some of us were champing at the bit to go there in whatever capacity.”

It is impossible to believe that anyone harbouring such intense antipathy to the protesters could have acted objectively and responsibly during the clearance operation.

Commissioner Coster with Wellington Area Commander Superintendent Parnell

The intensity of the police violence was appalling, as anyone who has seen video of the protests can attest to. That Police management can say they are “proud” of their staff’s behaviour on that last day is ample reason to ask for their resignation. Commissioner Cuddles Coster has to go, and so should the Wellington District Commander, Superintendent Corrie Parnell, who was the on-ground manager of the police action.

There are reliable reports that around 1700 official complaints have been recorded by the Police Complaints Bureau. Surely this unprecedented number must of its own accord provoke an official enquiry.

If the mainstream media wants to retain the scintilla of credibility it still (remarkably) enjoys, it needs to fire the main instigators of the unwarranted violence. Jack Tame of TVNZ and Andrea Vance of Stuff would be prime candidates for the sack, but there are plenty more.

The media’s extreme prejudice in reporting on the protest showed all the signs of third world style political subjugation to an out of control and unaccountable government. It reinforced the existing impression that not only are the MSM in ideological lockstep with the Ardern govt, they are also picking up a paycheck to do propaganda.

Police eye-gouged a protester and he has filed a complaint with the “Independent Police Complaints Authority” (IPCA). The eye gouging is plain to see.

The initial grounds for the enquiry should be related to 1) Police brutality and 2) media incitement. An additional third category should relate to the growing probability that provocateurs were infiltrated into the protest to provide justification for the brutal behaviour of the police.

Such provocateur’s are increasingly suspected of engineering the main pockets of violence, arson and vandalism that characterised the last few days of the protest.

A prime objective of this part of the enquiry should be to establish whether these provocateurs were connected to the Police or local ANTIFA groups. Or an organised combination of both.

ANTIFA in Europe and America have been active in opposing anti-mandate protests. In NZ there is evidence they tried to sabotage the convoy that initiated the protests. Its not a major step of logic to believe their attempts to harm the protest were extended into its time at parliament.

NZ ANTIFA call themselves by the Maori name of Paparoa. They have openly boasted of high level connections within media, govt and academia. Some media and academic figures have already made their associations with the group public knowledge.

Anyone on the govt payroll and found to be connected to this group should have their employment immediately terminated. Any private sector media employing such thugs would  keep them on the payroll only if management had absolutely no regard for public trust.

Overshadowing all of this is the question “Who will support an enquiry and amplify calls for it to occur?” Given that any such an enquiry is likely to prove severely damaging to the MSM, it is unlikely there will be support there.

Image of email offering incentives to police to volunteer to remove Wellington protesters (unverified)

The Labour govt won’t want their propaganda devices exposed. The opposition parties more or less echoed the govt propaganda during the demonstrations. (Trevor Mallard, probably the main govt driver of the brutality, thanked Christopher Luxon for his wholehearted support).

The only way it can possibly happen is by means of international pressure. We must do all we can on social media to alert more objective international news organisations to the situation, and urge them to assist us in calling for action.

Weird isn’t it, the depths that NZ has sunk to under the Ardern govt? In roughly five years of Jacinda’s rule we have become a banana republic that with a corrupted police and a corrupted media and a weak corrupted controlled opposition, where freedom advocates can only appeal to international sources for help.

If there is no effective enquiry into the events in Wellington, the big question then becomes- “is there a democratic way out of this authoritarian Stasi style mess?” Right now, it doesn’t look like there is.


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    There are reliable reports that around 1700 official complaints have been recorded by the Police Complaints Bureau. Surely this unprecedented number must of its own accord provoke an official enquiry.


    • Thanks for re-blogging Stuart. We need as much international exposure of this situation as we can get. It is the only (faint) hope we have of ever seeing justice done.


  • Im awaiting cindy and trev to order the navy in to brutally sink the green folks occupation outside the russian chaps mansion.

    Im also waiting for them to move on shelly bay, Why didnt the cops mop up that one while they were all congregated in the wellington area?

    A storm is brewing and they know it, with arderns failures and her blantantly out of touch approach to our cost of living i believe the anti mandate protest will be a walk in the park for police.
    Just wait until 80% of the country is broke and hungry, trev best get his wall built as the next time round will be epic, more united against them and prepared for battle, wonder what side the police will be on then as everyone except the rich and political class are about to feel the pain.

    Red, its a great dream that these instigators and thug leaders be held to account and fired but we all know nothing at all will come of it and any investigations will just quietly disappear.

    Imo the protest picked the wrong target, they should have converged, camped out surrounding main stream media offices. As with most wars everything is won or lost in the media and as jacinda knows very well if you control the media you control the people/country.

    Ask yourself this question and the answer to the root of our problems becomes clear (judging by the bulk of your writings Red you already know this)
    ” does the govt control the media? Or does the media control the govt?”

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  • I still don’t know quite what ANTIFA means, (is that an acronym?), apart from it being some sort of insurrectionist group. I don’t participate in so-called social media, but I’ve heard that ANTIFA have – via their faecesbook page – claimed credit for the arson and other acts of provocation at the Freedom Village’s storming by NZ’s newest mongrel mob chapter, commonly called the police.


    • ANTIFA stands for “anti-fascist”. And the definition of “anti-fascist” is shutting down speech they don’t like, shutting down businesses they don’t like, setting fire to the belongings of ‘fascists’, and other nefarious acts to destroy fascism.

      What they don’t say is they’re anarcho-communists and that everyone to the right of Lenin is a fascist. Their definition of ‘fascism’ is “things I don’t like”.


  • A good sumation of our paste and present rebellions.
    It just ain’t new and un til the other day was probably the most peaceful. In nearly all the incidents in our history (and this misses the Waihi riots and the Urewera raids and their precusor raid where Rua was attacked), the police have been on the side of incitement.. have a read.

    Violent clashes an integral part of New Zealand’s history
    Gerard Hindmarsh04:55, Mar 12 2022


  • This all brings into context, who are the puppet masters ,who is driving the name change of our country, the 3 waters divide,so called health reform, the tide of everything Māori being the gold standard, the most pampered native group on the planet ,the corporate s all have suddenly caved in to all things Maori

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    • Seems even though maori have been getting treated like kings (queens) they have awoken to the lies and deception of Ardern and her communist ideology. Even Facebook is leaving her detractors, especially those pertaining to the fisherman, do not seem to be blocking anything. Best she and her allies such as Mallard get out of politics now, as things are really heating up. She must go!


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  • “…..An additional third category should relate to the growing probability that provocateurs were infiltrated into the protest to provide justification for the brutal behaviour of the police……”

    With regards individual police infiltration I would doubt that as one of the Army writing competition finalists stated “Then they won’t join out of necessity.” The police don’t fill their quota year after year which means that quality still matters. And I’d hardly think any officer with a commission would organize infiltration simply for the purpose of ‘a good bashing’. This protest is not a regular occurrence, it was largely bought on by the civilian government, so even any senior constable, Sgt or detective constable wouldn’t see protester’s as a ‘serious’ threat either.

    With regards civilians doing it -yes- they would have. NZ has a large violent left on call — just dial MMM and associates as a last resort. Dial the unemployed as a first resort.

    Support the police only – and change the entire dynamics of governance in NZ. There really isn’t any better option as NZ suffers from ‘parliamentary supremacy’ and just look at the last 30yrs of ‘outright polity rule’, they turned the entire Westminster system of government into the Westminster system of welfare – largely for the benefit of those entering the country and for those who want to work for the government. Everyone else gets divided, ruled and now bashed.

    I honestly believe the army will have raised their eyebrows over the handling of this civilian matter — and I think that may well be the best way to sort that particular problem out; piss weak management. Maintaining control is seen as a very serious matter. Some people may well be tapped on the shoulder and told ‘patience is well and truly running out on the street – it’s time to go!’