Antifa affiliated group claims to be working with NZ academics and mainstream media

The group called Paparoa is a New Zealand branch of Antifa who describe themselves as “not your typical antifa collective”. They claim they have serious connections and support within the New Zealand mainstream media and academia.

Antifa is a communist organisation that has its origins way back in Germany and Russia post the Russian Revolution of 1917. It has been revived on an international scale and has experienced considerable growth in the US due to communist infiltration of US universities. The group is loosely allied with many other communist revolutionary groups like Black Lives Matter, and has been responsible for instances of burning looting and rioting, especially around Portland.

Antifa regard every political group that is not communist as fascist, including those who oppose mass immigration and other extremely liberal social causes, and they even disdain the US Democratic party as too centrist.

What academics and media support this group in New Zealand? Surely this should be reported on if true. The group lists links to stories it claims to have contributed to. The writer is on two occasions Marc Daalder and the articles are on Newsroom and Stuff. Sure, so called journalists need sources, but Paparoa suggests a far closer relationship.

Much is said about the far left orientation of the NZ media but surely a real connection with Antifa is a step too far, and any so called journalist (or academic) with these connections should be fired forthwith.


  • Antifa conjure up enemies, otherwise they are pointless. Trapped in the cave, spooked at shadows on the wall, going mad. Not unlike many mad modern “causes”, without the cause they fall. Sort of like Labour. They need suffering, poverty, desperation, revolution, hence much of what they do, on a subconscious level, creates it.

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    • Yes, its a complete myth that our societies are threatened by fascism. The allegation is merely a political strategy designed to smokescreen the much more real threat of gradual totalitarian communism.

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