What’s behind the Luxon turnabout?

Chris Luxon and Chris Bishop, the two should-be Labour party members who have infiltrated the National party, have today astonishingly come out in support of the small business people and parents and individuals who three weeks ago protested Covid19 mandates on the lawn of parliament house.

The edited video of their press conference can be seen below. It is remarkable for the complete lack of shame expressed by these two MPs, as they come out with statements that if they had been said a month or more ago would have changed the whole face of the protest.

Then Luxon and Bishop were busy vilifying and denigrating the protesters in line with the mission embarked upon by the politically partisan actors who have taken over our mainstream media. What, after only such a small passage of time, could possibly have caused this remarkable reversal?

The facial expressions of Bishop and Luxon certainly do not convey enthusiasm for this change. They’re also making the announcement on Friday, which is when parties traditionally release statements they don’t want to see widely covered.

An intelligent guess would be that they were forced into it. Either by the demands of high value donors to the party, or by a mini-rebellion within the ranks.

It is also a good guess that Simon Bridges didn’t quit for a life style change, as he claims. He quit because he did not like the fact that the party had been taken over by the wet far left Labour-orientated Luxon clique.

People like Bishop, Willis and Stanford, light weight opportunistic players who have no connection to National’s traditional founding principles and probably think of those fine principles as incomprehensible and out-dated nonsense.

Bridge’s departure makes Luxon vulnerable in respect of any further resignations. If say Judith Collins or anyone else suddenly decided to take a stand, Luxon would have to yield or suffer the embarrassment and damage of another resignation.

So its likely one of these two reasons that have made the Nats whistle a different tune. (Or it could be that finally, exasperated everyday NZers are attending Nat party gatherings and telling these vacillating pretenders they have to man up. One fervently hopes this is happening.)

One could wonder if Luxon and Bishop will have the guts to thank the every day New Zealanders who suffered pepper spray and batons and rubber bullets and so much other police brutality to break the ice for them. So they could safely make these statements at this later stage.

Given this blog is authored anonymously it is only prudent to refrain from suggesting that people who have the courage to stand for election are cowards. They deserve credit for this, no matter what party.

However the National Party’s sudden turnabout on this issue, after they were so weakly compliant to the fake mainstream media message only three weeks ago, and when their voice was so badly needed, especially by the brave people on parliaments lawn, makes it very difficult to restrain oneself from using this label.


  • If you’re right, it only validates the old axiom:
    “If the people will lead the way,
    eventually the leaders will follow.”

    Oh for a real leader in NZ.


    • These people, you see what they really are from this announcement. They will not do anything unless ordinary NZers turn up to their party meetings and tell them what they want.


      • It's Harriet Redbaiter.

        National and Labour have done nothing less than implement lowest common denominator policy on the entire civilian population of NZ – just to fix several problems with the households of the usual subjects, and one or two community groups. Now every child’s underpants and lunchbox is now checked by government at primary school, and underpants checks remains in place until they leave high school. But only 2% are susceptible to killing themselves regards underpants. It’s a state grab for kids and teenagers from their parents mindset – from just the 1980’s!!.
        Every gun owner….
        Every household income….

        A Russian/Ukrainian businessman was quoted on the front page of Stuff just yesterday saying how Russia in some aspects was far more capitalist than NZ, and how equally socialist NZ was compared to Sweden and Norway.

        At least if you are a Russian you are no longer a lowest common denominator. Well at least in Putin’s eyes, and that’s saying something.


  • Hypocrites and cowards, both of them.Better off without them.
    I;m sure you are right about Simon but like Simon Power, Tony Ryall and Phil Heatley and others before him, the power struggle for the top job is just that and not about Leadership but Religion.
    Party of the left footers.


  • I suspect it was both of those, RB (“… the demands of high value donors to the party … [and ] … a mini-rebellion within the ranks.)

    But I also suspect there was a third ingredient. The modern-day National Party has no connection to its roots. It is an utter and abject failure at defending our traditions and society from the predations of a gluttonous Left. But what they are very, very good at doing is sniffing the breeze and following its direction. So I suspect they either have their own internal polling, or they’ve managed to sneak a peek at Labour’s internal polling, which showed the mandates, lockdowns, restrictions, the destruction of businesses, and the gaslighting are … massively unpopular.

    Much to their surprise, I imagine, given their frenemies in the legacy media have told them people who oppose such measures are alt-right, anti-vaxxer, rivers of filth and comprise a tiny, vocal minority.


    • Gantt- looks like you may be right. Latest Curia polls show a radical change in Nats and Labour polling direction.

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      • This may well be good news, my friend, if others are smart enough to gain leverage from it. Sadly, it appears they are not and we are doomed to continue the slide out of the first world. Venezuela, here we come.

        The new outfit launched by Matt King looks interesting, although they’ve yet to release any policy. If nothing else, he will bring a new element to the Parliament; the refrain “he fights” so prevalent from 2016 is being whispered in my ears.

        But unless he can either wrest the Northland electorate back, and/or join with other minnows (NewConservative, New Nation, Outdoors, etc.) DemocracyNZ won’t be going anywhere. In his launch, King was specifically asked about an alliance and all-but ruled it out, which at this early stage I believe was a grave error.

        All I see right now is the door being opened for Winston the Mutt to return; it seems people have mighty short memories after the Great Betrayal of 2017.


  • I think one of Nigel Farage’s comments about EU leaders is applicable here. Luxon and Bishop have all the charisma of a low grade bank clerk (apologies to bank clerks everywhere).