Is this the NZ academic that has connections with NZ Antifa affiliate?

Recently we reported on an Antifa affiliate boasting of strong connections with media and academia. Whereas it was made pretty clear that their mainstream media comrade is Marc Daalder, there was nothing forthcoming on who the academics were.

Today an employee of the Newstalk ZB writes an article that partly settles this mystery. Hugh Collins reveals that as reported on this blog days ago, NZ Antifa associate Paparoa were indeed responsible for reporting recent comments on the 4Chan forums to NZ police, who have as a result charged a person with “threatening to kill”.

Hugh’s article also reports a statement from Massey University Professor Paul Spoonley. Professor Spoonley says the govt should be “working with these kinds of groups to detect harmful threats”. He says further-

“We really need to make this much more professional, we need to resource it properly and we need a government agency to work alongside these groups. So it becomes something that’s official, and properly resourced, rather than a voluntary activity.”

This is outrageous. Here is a group that has publicly admitted to being the NZ Antifa, and here is a Massey University academic blowing their trumpet, suggesting they work with the police, and other parts of govt, and even that they should receive taxpayer funding.

Paparoa are a group of communist subversives whose political goal is the destruction of our pluralist democracy and the creation of a one party communist state. In the USA and other parts of the world, their parent affiliate Antifa has used massive amounts of violence in pursuit of these aims.

Its seems pretty obvious that Professor Spoonley is the academic contact that Paparoa spoke of, and he should be immediately sacked for such a connection, and also for his outrageous and dangerous advocacy above. Never should NZ academia, the NZ Police or any govt agency be working with Antifa, and they should likewise never receive taxpayer funding.

If Spoonley is not fired, the govt should look strongly at any govt funding for Massey University. Taxpayer money should not be used to fund Antifa. It shouldn’t go to their supporters either.