A Warning for Christopher Luxon

Events in Canadian politics last week have delivered a message to the New Zealand National party and they should heed it well. Opposition party leader Erin O’Toole lost this job when the Conservatives finally worked out he was not the “True Blue Conservative” he had made himself out to be, but a weak liberal imposter.

The Canadian opposition is not the only party with leadership problems. All across the West parties initially founded to oppose the left have been gradually infiltrated by bands of imposters who then appoint weak compromising leaders who pretend to be conservative but turn liberal once they are elected.

The UK Conservatives made Boris Johnson their leader. Boris’s latest socialist idea in a long line of such ideas is a huge tax rise. Nigel Farage said on radio yesterday that Johnson’s complete desertion of Conservative principles is a bigger insult to voters than his sneering arrogance in failing to comply with the draconian Covid19 measures he imposed on everyone else.

Nigel Farage says why he expects Boris Johnson to be sacked. He is also highly critical of Jacinda Ardern’s Covid19 control measures.

Australian PM Scott Morrison is similarly pandering to the green left as an election draws nearer. Giving rise to strong rumours he is close to suffering the same fate as Cameron and O’Toole.

Keen observers of politics in NZ will have noticed National leader Chris Luxon’s reluctance to tell voters who he really is. Surely, the only reason he would not want you to know this is because like Erin O’Toole, Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison, he’s pretending to be someone he is not.

Luxon says he is touring NZ to listen to the voters, but when a Nelson man asked his views on the current Maori language onslaught by Ardern’s propaganda media, Luxon waffled and avoided answering the question (see video). Ominous given his compulsion as CEO of Air NZ to force Maori culture and language on his 12,500 employees.

At the Nat’s caucus retreat in Queenstown last week, Luxon (who on frequent occasions named Barack Obama as his favourite politician) had arranged for an address by ex UK PM David Cameron, probably one of the biggest fake conservatives in modern times (he turned the party logo into a tree). Cameron was eventually booted by his own party infuriated by his lack of spine and befuddled support for green left policies.

Mr Luxon says NZ is a better place for its embracement of “diversity and inclusion”

Cameron couldn’t do the Queenstown gig due to Covid19 complications. Instead the speech was given by his bestie George Osborne, who once described himself as “more right wing than Margaret Thatcher”. A claim that later proved hopelessly untrue as he lamely followed in Cameron’s “progressive” footsteps as Secretary of State. Another imposter.

Why was Chris Luxon chosen for a select private dinner with Obama in March 2018 before Luxon was ever a part of NZ politics?

Also speaking at the Nat’s caucus was far left Maori/Treaty/Diversity activist Traci Houpapa who has said “Climate Change is NZ’s most pressing problem” and that “both Government and industry must seriously commit to addressing and resourcing the equity deficit for Māori and others“. Some inspiration for Sid Holland’s party right?

Lately Mr Luxon has shied away from any real criticism of govt Covid19 mandates, and has also remained silent on massive countrywide protests by truckers and others. Significantly, Erin O’Toole’s similar lack of sympathy for Covid protesters in Canada was a big part of his dismissal.

The fake newsers running TV One have refused to report on the Canadian protests and only briefly on the similar protests in NZ. Given TVNZ is owned by the govt Luxon should at least be scolding them on their obvious pro-govt censorship. Again, he’s quiet as a mouse.

Mr Luxon fully supports the Labour bill banning “conversion therapy”, regardless of the serious assaults on personal liberty hidden in the fine print

Boris Johnson and Erin O’Toole angered conservatives with their weakness on immigration. Luxon has stated that he sees no problem with an immigration rate of 50,000 per annum. Even when the country is so obviously short of the materials, labour and skills it needs to build houses to cater for this increase.

National diehards are fond of arguing that the main objective is to deny Ardern another term of govt. However what is gained if the Nats just warm the govt seats until Labour returns to power?

Obama was one of the most destructive and divisive US presidents ever, but he was not the sole problem. The main issue was that millions of Americans who don’t really pay attention to politics voted for him.

Given a similar lack of attention also exists in NZ, perhaps the only real long term solution is to let citizens find out the hard way. Let them continue to elect hapless socialist incompetents like Jacinda Ardern. Let them suffer the inevitable economic and social destruction, until they are forced to come to their senses.

Then again, if you consider the cost of this strategy to be too high, there is nothing left but to go to National party meetings en masse and make them listen to you. Tell Luxon and his support group of like wet liberals (Bishop, Willis, Standford, Muller etc) to their faces that you want them to act for you and not for left wingers who will never vote for them.

Also tell them that if they can’t do this, then they should get the hell out of Sid Holland’s National party. A return to traditional conservative values is being heralded in other western countries, so why not New Zealand?


Listen to audio above. National deputy leader Nicola Willis gives amazingly clueless response to question about mandatory vaccine protest convoy. Doesn’t seem to have any comprehension that the issue is actually mandates. These out of touch mainstream media driven imposters have to get the hell out of the National party.


  • Luxon is poor excuse for a Christian. If the anti-conversion bill passes, it will severely impact Christian freedom in NZ. So ‘cringy’ listening to Luxon stumble and stutter in front of media. The man is a afraid of his own ‘convictions’. And as for Muller …o dear, words fail me.


  • National has become a hollow whore for globalist agendas. Nude nut is a corporate airline gimp who long ago bought a ticket. Mephisto will never take the black poodle back. With his globe head, he is appropriate as leader of the globalist party.


  • A global pandemic of pathetic (Western / democracy) politicians.
    We have more to fear from them than SARS-COV2 covid flu.


  • Again on the button…..Luxon is a corporate man, full of wind and no substance……
    He is there for a reason, to not rock the Labour boat and continue the destruction IF voted into power…..
    In this ugly world of politics (CRIME in disguise), it will take a very tough person to stand up to the cabal that runs all governments from behind the scenes.
    It will be the people, not politicians, that run these evil, self serving, money grabbing, lying bunch of puppets out of the Halls of Power.


    • Indeed.
      Any ideas as to how the semi-somnambulist people of NZ might be prompted to do that?


      • I was hoping they would wake up sooner rather than later…..maybe I am crediting them with more grey matter they are short on……


        • Made a suggestion in the comments on the preceding post. Given the corruption evident in the media’s reporting, it might be more useful for activists to take their protests to the core of the problem, and demonstrate right in or outside of the media’s offices. Media is where the real problem lies. Difficult for any centrist or rightist party to make headway when the media is fully controlled by the left. See Newshub’s fake poll today for an example, where they asked leading pejorative questions on Luxon that were never asked on Ardern. Blatant corruption, yet they get away with it again and again.


          • You are so correct, this using taxpayers’ money to keep a compliant media is tantamount to treason. The current mob of communists are really getting to the people who are keeping New Zealand, being taxpayers. If one analyses the filth supporting this unemployable mob, it is evident we have more bludgers, criminals, and perverts than we originally thought. What really irks me is the capitulation of Luxon and Seymour . . . we are in need of a coup in both National and Act to get things moving again. Even Peters is looking at walking back into parliament with a number of MPs . . . really a bad outtlook!