NZ media finally reports on Canadian Truckers’ protest- with vile cowardly smears

Two days ago a NZ MSM employee tweeted her dissatisfaction at the NZ public’s criticism of journalists. Responses to this complaint were numerous, and in many instances they referred to the media’s failure to report on the huge and momentous Canadian truckers’ protest against Covid19 vaccination mandates.

NZ Herald journalist says she sick of public criticism of her occupation

Perhaps these complaints (along with so many others on blogs and social media) finally stung the NZ Fake News industry into action. This morning one of the worst propaganda organisations finally ran a story on the protests, but as you would expect it was a litany of smears and falsities and did not at all address the real protest issue, and that is the loss of basic liberties in Canada at the hands of the socialist demagogue Justin Trudeau. (who could be Jacinda Ardern’s twin brother.)

Radio NZ Morning Report presenter Corin Dann’s story included a telephone connection with a Vancouver “journalist” Craig McCulloch. Given that Morning Report sets the tone for much of the so called “news” reporting in the NZ media, it was the expected litany of disinformation.

The report smeared the truckers as Nazis, homophobes, anti semetic, far right and “with other hateful views”. It also attacks the truckers for driving around Ottawa “honking their horns and flying Canadian flags”. Fancy that? How bad can they get!

Of course Radio NZ still reports reverently about Black Lives Matter who held protests where whole inner city suburbs were looted and burned, statues were destroyed and people were killed among widespread hateful rhetoric against white Americans or anyone who opposed the riots.

McCulloch couldn’t wait to unleash disinformation about the protest, citing claims the truckers had displayed the Nazi flag, had danced on the grave of the Unknown Soldier and urinated on the National War Memorial. These incidents were clearly false flag events designed to discredit the protest, but Corin Dann and Craig McCulloch dutifully commented upon them without the slightest scrutiny. In other words, they played their part in the deceit.

The two “journalists” repeated Trudeau’s propaganda by claiming the protesters were an unrepresentative minority, citing an assertion from a govt minister that 90% of truck drivers had been vaccinated. However official figures on vaccination rates conflict with this claim, and there has been huge public support for the protest convoy as it rolled across Canada on its way to Ottawa. Citizen supporters have donated $8 million to the trucker’s Go Fund Me campaign.

Polling in Canada shows that support is strongest among those who say they are following the protest with interest,

To Dann’s credit, he stopped short of other MSM claims that the protest had been organised by Vladimir Putin. Still, one imagines leaving out this absurd myth took a huge amount of Corin’s self restraint, given the obvious objective is to paint the truckers as falsely as the Jan 6th US protesters have been painted.

Radio NZ’s report on Canadian truckers’ protest

Thanks to the truckers, some opposition politicians have finally been prompted to take a partial stand against Trudeau’s draconian measures and have agreed to meet with protest representatives. What a shame there is no chance of the NZ National or ACT parties being spurred into action on this issue. Like Jacinda and her media army, they’re happy to continue with the subterfuge and lies.

Meanwhile similar protests are occurring right across the western world, and still the craven duplicitous media stays silent. Until this changes, Ms Campbell (above) and her colleagues are due only contempt from citizens who see the media as it is. A fake organisation acting in consort with corrupt left wing political actors in govt, academia, bureaucracy and elsewhere.

Our Bill of Rights, supposedly designed to preserve our traditional liberties, depends upon politicians respecting it. Whoever imagined we would one day be governed by such a scurrilous lot and subjected to such a level of propaganda as we are today?

Anyone interested in the truth about the Canadian Truckers already knows not to take heed of the NZ media. This blog recommends Rebel News and The Western Standard for news and opinion free of the pervasive left wing mind set that dominates here.


  • So Trudeau has gone in to hiding from the media? Triple vaccinated Justin, at that. Lurking in the articles from Canada is this:
    “Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of vaccination against the coronavirus — shots which are primarily designed to keep those who become infected from falling seriously ill.”

    Primarily designed to what, you say?

    So you can see that it’s not a vaccine, at all. Just a genetically modified organism palliative of sorts. Vaccines are a preventive.

    Will any of the NZ media prostitutes loudly say so? Hell, no!


    • Mc Culloch says the protest is ‘moot’ because the same requirement (vaccination passport) exists on the American side of the border, but fails to inform listeners of the salient fact that truckers are carrying out massive protests on that very same issue in the US. In fact he makes the ludicrous and obviously wrong claim that Biden is “not under pressure” on the issue.

      In fact it is McCulloch’s point that is “moot”, and not the Canadian trucker’s protest.

      (Meanwhile, most NZ University educated journalists are scrambling to Google the word “moot”.)


  • Corin Dann moved into broadcasting after studying politics at university, and journalism at Christchurch’s New Zealand Broadcasting School

    Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V


  • Heard a caller broach the subjet of media censorship re Canadian truckers with Woodham on Newstalkzb. She treated it as a right wing beat up, but after some searching, admitted to the fact (bullshit) there was something like 40 trucks (were there not 8kms of them), etc. Like the rest of her ilk, she takes her pro-left queues from CNN, NYT, BBC, etc., she now being another I will not listen to, along with Lush, Dann, Espiners, et al.