The Speech David Seymour should have made

Its not fair or accurate to say that the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (ACT) is a complete waste of everyone’s time. They do have some good ideas and in spite of their wokeism, they also have some of the best people in parliament. (not saying much)

ACT’s problem is their inconsistency in that they shy away from matters they should be leading on especially when they (in their latest incarnation) sell themselves as the party of “freedom”.

A recent blog comment that turned out to be far from the reality

Their leader David Seymour gave a speech recently on the state of the nation, and there was much to admire in what he said on most subjects. At the same time, the speech had illogical contradictory positions on a couple of key issues. Issues that a party truly concerned with freedom should be very clear on.

New Zealand has a de-facto Bill of Rights. De-facto because it is not legally binding upon politicians, but only relies upon their respect for its mantras. Its sad to see that today most politicians hold the BOR in contempt.

Of all parties, ACT should be the one speaking out against BOR breaches imposed as a result of Covid19, but in a shocking betrayal of what they stand for, they’ve been vocal in endorsing most such measures.

In his State of the Nation speech David Seymour said-

“… senseless policies continue. Isolation doesn’t work, MIQ doesn’t work, but we still pay their costs. …Then there’s the division and loss of trust and capital after the Government used fear to control the population for two years. One of the most important tasks will be restoring the balance between the citizen and the state. In other words, when do we get our freedom back?”

The most startling thing here is that Seymour has not included mandatory vaccinations in his list of “what does not work”. All over the world, evidence is growing that they are not only ineffective in stopping transmission of the virus, they have large scale adverse affects that are only now coming to light due to mainstream media’s selective reporting.

Mandatory vaccinations have also been at the forefront of the govts assaults on our liberties, but where is Seymour’s condemnation? Of course condemning it now would be exceedingly hypocritical, as Mr Seymour has publicly endorsed mandatory vaccines every step of the way.

Books by authoritative writers that have been completely ignored by NZ’s fake media

David also took a shot at the Climate Change hoax, but once again shied away from the main issue-

“The same can be said for the new bureaucracy created by the Zero Carbon Act. It is the greatest centralisation of power since Muldoon, with the Minister for Climate Change setting carbon budgets for every sector of the economy. Everything from what you drive to how your dinner gets cooked is now under the control of a commanding heights bureaucracy.”

Staggeringly confusing. ACT has been behind the false Carbon Trading market virtually since day one, in the mistaken belief it is some kind of “free enterprise solution” to the myth of man caused climate change.

This blog has been pointing out for years that the whole AGW concept is a hoax, and only a means for socialists to gain control of capital. Mr Seymour seems to acknowledge this in his speech, but refuses to bite the bullet and expose it as the fakery it truly is.

People have said Mr Seymour’s State of the Nation speech was a great speech. Its not, its at best a middling speech, and in fact emphasizes the old political adage “politicians should be judged not by what they say, but by what they do.”

In terms of fighting the battle for freedom against the ever encroaching strong arm Stasi-like state that is developing in New Zealand, the words David should have used are in a speech to the European parliament by German MP Christine Anderson in November 2021. Ms Anderson puts David Seymour to shame with her directness and her courage.

Its a beautiful and brave speech, and it is exactly what David Seymour should have said if he was truly concerned with freedom in New Zealand. (2 minutes 8 seconds)

Christine Anderson- “No one grants me freedom, for I am a free person”

The bottom line here is that David Seymour has missed a golden opportunity to differentiate ACT from the socialist rabble who make up both main parties. By going with the flow on mandates (ACT didn’t vote for the bill, but not because of this aspect) he has made a serious strategic mistake that will impact in so many negative ways on his party’s future success.

Is this mistake bad enough to get him fired? Well yes it is, but the fact that most other ACT MPS have virtually non-existent public profiles will probably save him.


  • Well said !
    Very difficult to trust any politician today, they’re all bought !


  • That was a great speech and fully support even tho I’ve had the dam jab

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  • Another one out of the park, my friend. You are our nation’s preeminent political writer, and it isn’t close.

    David Seymour and ACT have perhaps been the most disappointing of all political players through the recent COVID tyranny. They espouse the values of liberty but in reality on most issues stand alongside the Greens. Which makes sense when we realise his deputy leader was previously a member of the Green party.

    We expect despotism from Labour and the Greens. Increasingly, we expect it from National. And although I will never vote for Act because it’s a death cult, their support for mandates and lockdowns has surprised me greatly.

    If there is to be any hope in voting – and I am increasingly skeptical – then it lies in a massive number of disaffected kiwis voting “none of the above” and going instead for NewConservative or New Nation.


  • Brilliant observations Redbaiter. It beats me why Seymour continues to show support for jab and mask mandates by not speaking out against them. I resigned from Act because of the partys failure to honour their foundational policies around Freedom. They are dishonest in my view, and I abhor dishonesty. Had given them my party vote every single year since their inception. Not any more.


  • This is letting the perfect be the enemy of the good in my opinion. I agree it is time they review their stance on the Covid mandates etc. and probably shouldn’t have been as sucked in in the first place. But they are already pushing a lot of shit uphill in terms of changing the general direction of the government, and you have to pick your battles.


    • V, this has been the position on the right for the past 30 years, and as a result of us having supported the “lesser of two evils”, our nation is now unrecognisable from even a generation ago.

      While I agree we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, I’m questioning whether National/Act even represent the good any more. They have supported all of the Labour Party’s covid tyranny, including the mandates, lockdowns, passports. They supported the most radical law in the known universe which allows the slaughter of the unborn right up until the moment of birth. They have failed to oppose a single molecule of this government’s radical racist agenda.

      I agree that if they had principles and were true to them, they would be pushing shit up hill. But any principles either party may have had, were abandoned two years ago – if not before (definitely before, in the case of the National Party). It is the burden of politicians on the right to “push shit up hill”. They have the entire ruling ecosystem arrayed against them – the media, the bureaucracy, academia. The reason I loathe representatives from both National and Act is that today is never the right day for the fight. They capitulate, and capitulate, and capitulate some more. To the point where now, they have exactly the same policy platform as the Labour Party, they’re just better at execution.

      The only way any of this ends is with an electoral earthquake. If we continue to vote the lesser of two evils, if we continue to give National and Act our approval to continue doing what they’ve been doing, they will continue to do what they’ve been doing. Only a “none of the above”, or “a pox on the lot of you” vote will have any meaningful impact. I get that I’m advocating for people to break out of a paradigm, and for many it will be tough. But this protest moment is a once-in-a-generation moment to do it. There were perhaps a million people supporting the convoy along its route. But even halve that, at 500,000 that’s a massive number of disaffected voters looking for something new. Labour, Green, Act, National, Apartheid Maori are not that something new. If we want change, we need to vote for people who will be that change. And that means only two options: NewConservative or New Nation. They’re not professional politicians – and that’s exactly why they’re needed right now.


      • The point is made here about civic involvement, so in some respects everyone is guilty.

        This whole thing is worth a watch, particularly Accountability & Government inertia …
        Very similar issues in Canada.
        Brian Peckford last living First Minister who helped negotiate and sign the Constitution of Canada to include the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982).


  • What David said was a large step in the right direction but as you rightfully said not nearly enough about BOR, mandates and freedom opposed to tyranny……On listening to his speak I immediately emailed him and asked him why was there nothing about stopping mandates and lifting restrictions for all…..I did get a reply which was general so went back again and am awaiting a reply…..I wont hold my breath…

    Red you are always on target – thoroughly enjoy your postings

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  • This is what the leader of the ACT Party should have said – from a leader of the ACT Party before it was subsumed in a hostile takeover by the Leftertarianz.


    • I’ve thought for some time now that it is time for Rodney Hide to step back in as ACT party leader.

      Of course there are administrative difficulties with dumping Mr Seymour, but the thing about Rodney is that he is as likely (if not more likely) to win the Epsom seat, so that is a major hurdle out of the way.

      My take on Seymour is that he became intoxicated by his rise in the polls, and thought he could challenge National for the main opposition status. This is why he suddenly took ACT down the more moderate fork in the road.

      The utter wrongness of this decision is emphasized by the likelihood that had David taken the other fork, and opposed the vaccine mandates and other draconian restrictions, he would have established a secure and high profile political niche for ACT that would have brought him real support. Much more loyal than that of the fickle “centrist” know nothings who constantly waver between National and Labour.

      So that is why (IMHO) Mr Seymour should be sacked. For making such a monumentally wrong decision, and one that rather than giving ACT a solid political profile, moved them into the grey fog of the center, and who wants to be there these days? Certainly not any party that seeks to sell itself as a freedom alternative. (The recent drop in polling for ACT supports this thesis)

      David Seymour dropped the ball on what should have been a major opportunity for his party.

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      • Look at the ACT MPs in Parliament, led by David Seymour and Brooke van Velden (a member of the Green Left FFS). I don’t think Rodney Hide left the ACT Party, I think the ACT Party left Rodney Hide.

        It is definitely no longer the party of Sir Roger Douglas, Derek Quigley, and Richard Prebble!


    • That’d be a great move. But I bet Rodney enjoys speaking his mind, without being policed by the funding apparatchiks (traitors) within his own party.

      Those protest blue collar votes ACT won are running back to the wilderness, like nymphs. What a fool Seymour is. The power corrupted his tiny mind. What a missed opportunity. They could have crushed National.

      Perhaps if he came out anti-vax and slammed into Labour and Nationals exposed flank, I could forgive him. It’s probably not too late.

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      • Rodney is completely right with his article, but it is somewhat ironic that only now is he looking at these ‘big-picture’ issues that affect the nation, rather than alot of the trivial ‘perk-busting’ nonsense he was so focussed on when he was the leader which ultimately led to his downfall.
        So it’s totally over the top nonsense for comments here to call for David Seymour to step down, when at least he has broached these bigger picture issues far more than Rodney ever did.

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  • I would not be surprised if a walkback is underway.
    The vaccine is non-sterilising, and not matched to Omicron variant anyway. This is more than enough grounds to drop the mandate.


    • He fucked up and he knows it. I suspect the only thing which might save Act from Winston (the Mutt) is the amount of time between today and the next election. He has an opportunity to redeem himself, but it has to be more than just mewling on Newshub.

      Honestly, Act is a waste of space so I hope he doesn’t do it – I hope he keeps on with his sneering, condescending arrogange. I want someone in parliament who’s going to protect the lives of the unborn, protect the values on which our society was built. I don’t want someone in there who wants to murder all the unborn and elderly. And as for that Nicole McKee, she’s a fucking idiot.