Would the real Christopher Luxon please stand up

Maybe its too early to say, but National’s “new” leader is so far looking very much like a Todd Muller retread.

If you were anxious to discover what Chris Luxon wants to do with the party he now leads, you might have spent time over the Christmas New Year break studying the dozens of long form interviews he has done with various NZ media. You would have drawn a blank, for in every case, the would-be PM has been extremely guarded in revealing his plans for the National party and the country.

Why? Why would a new leader find it necessary to hide who he really is from a curious public? Perhaps because he senses that if Nat party supporters become aware of the real Christopher Luxon, they might not vote for him.

In the video above a Nelson voter asks Luxon his views on Maori language being forced upon citizens by media and govt agencies. Luxon’s answer is typical of his obfuscating style

Luxon’s vocabulary seems to be curiously limited and mired in corporate jargon. Its hard to find an interview where the words “fundamentally” or “challenge” (or some derivation) are not used over and over again. In most cases he does not answer or deflects from the question asked. His answers are almost invariably long, but are seldom clear in their meaning.

The most stark example is from a day or so ago when a voter in Nelson asked Luxon about Maori language being pushed upon citizens by means of govt depts and a compliant “news media”. Luxon gave a long convoluted reply (with “challenges” and “fundamentally” included of course) but in the end did not give the curious voter any real idea of where he stood on the matter.

Last year Luxon was asked about the mythical issue of the Treaty of Waitangi granting Maori partnership in government. His reply was that he “interprets tino rangatiratanga within Te Tiriti as partnership, not co-governance” which is really a bet each way and typical of Luxon’s lack of clarity in answering important questions.

Luxon has said he wants a “new culture” in National, but once again, we don’t know exactly what this might mean. Given Luxon is supported by the party’s left liberals (the same group who supported Muller) we can take a guess.

Nicola Willis and Judith Collins with Labour’s Megan Woods at their announcement of a “joint” housing policy. A policy that will radically change suburban voting patterns to the detriment of the National party.

His choice of deputy is the ultra progressive Nicola Willis, who recently proudly joined up with Labour’s Megan Woods in pushing for building law changes. Suburban houses will be replaced by multi-storied apartments and will thereby create a radical change in voting demographics to the advantage of the left.

Other ultra-liberal backers include Chris “get vaccinated” Bishop and Erica Stanford, who told Newshub she sees the culture war as unimportant and therefore does not intend to fight it. (video link)

During Luxon’s time at Air NZ he ushered in radical cultural change. As well as pushing Maori language courses on workers, he collaborated with the Māori Language Commission to create the Waha Tohu; a pin initially developed as a means of identifying Te Reo speaking Air New Zealand employees. The Tohu Reo is now available to be worn by all fluent Te Reo speakers in New Zealand.

Luxon advocates for vaccination for children even when recent non-politicised medical opinion does not recommend it. The courageous pastor Brian Tamaki has put both National and ACT to shame on this extremely important issue.

In a particularly noteworthy act, Luxon changed employment policy so that women with a moko kauae, (chin tattoo) could be hired as cabin attendants.

When first joining the National Party, Luxon became spokesman for “Iwi Development” and said he intended to draw on his business experience for the role, stating “as head of Air New Zealand he probably developed better connections with Māori than any other New Zealand chief executive, including increasing the amount of te reo Māori used in the organisation and getting Māori business thinkers to work with middle management”.

Luxon was also keen on pushing global environmental culture while at Air NZ,  stating “sustainability for me is really about mission and purpose”. Throughout his seven-years at the helm, he encouraged the airline’s 12,500 staff to see sustainability as “the way we do things around here.”

He was an influential member of the Chief Executive of the Climate Leaders Coalition and arranged annual Sustainability Breakfasts to discuss green issues with NZ business leaders.

Luxon established a partnership with Antarctica New Zealand to support climate research. He took prawns off the cabin meal menu because he suspected they may have been caught by boat crews working for slave wages.

Promotional video of Luxon at Air NZ gives voters a hint about the cultural changes he may be planning to make in the National Party

There’s more, but space precludes it. The bottom line is that the truthful answer Luxon should have given the man who asked him the question on the Ardern govt’s policy of forcing Maori language on NZers was that he agreed with it.

As Nicola Willis agreed with Labour’s housing bill. As Christopher Bishop agrees with Labour’s authoritarian vaccination measures that are exposed as more and more unwarranted as each day passes.

When is someone in NZ’s largely fake media going to ask Luxon if he intends  continuing Ardern’s policy of bribing them with taxpayer money? Most likely he agrees with that too.

The Nats, in yet another display of spineless subjugation to NZ’s corrupt mainstream media appointed Chris Luxon as leader without having any idea as to who the man really is. Now, they are locked into a conflicting strategy of hiding who he is from Nat party supporters while attempting to increase his appeal to the voters who last election supported Labour.

Its a strategy that anyone capable of even a skerrick of reason must see as futile. Ardern’s media collaborators are already flat out exploiting this obvious weakness while Nat party supporters on Twitter flail hopelessly trying to defend the indefensible.

Luxon says he wants to change the culture within the National Party. When you couple this with his statement that in politics he wants to “draw on his experience at Air NZ” then its pretty obvious what he wants to do with the party, and why he is so secretive about it.

He wants to take National even further from its founding principles, and rather than offer voters a real alternative to Labour, instead chooses to continue NZ’s descent into a one party state, and compete with Labour for votes on the left.

This blog warned long ago about Boris Johnson being a deceitful left-liberal-green turncoat. It is now issuing the same warning in respect of Christopher Luxon.


  • Dear RedBaiter, excellent.


    Raleigh Wells


    • Thanks Raleigh. I realise people are desperate to see the end of the Ardern govt, but they should not let their desperation overwhelm their common sense.

      Everything about this guy so far screams Labour party, and one has to wonder therefore what he is doing in the Nats and most of all as their leader. His rise to this position seems to have had a funny kind of ordained feel to it.

      There has to be a reason why when Barack Obama visited this country in March 2018, the then relatively unknown Christopher Luxon was one of the few NZers he wanted to meet with. Very strange.

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      • We, of a right persuasion, have been sold out. Luxon is susspect, Seymour is aligning with the left daily, so Brian Tamaki is even looking good.


        • Yes, the whole Covid19 scare scenario is collapsing at a rate that is accelerating daily.

          Ironically, Brian Tamaki is the only public figure who has demonstrated courage and conviction, and he has I hope woken a view people to what charlatans fakes and false prophets most of our political/ media class really are.

          The silver lining we have from this disgusting two year period is that we have learnt how fragile our democracy really is, and how the people we thought were there to protect us will so easily betray us. (The BOR has been exposed as a complete farce, and we need a real one.)

          National Labour and the media are a corrupted political force that we all must turn our backs on and seek out something better. And as you say, we must also include ACT in this, as Seymour’s behaviour has been extraordinarily gutless and contradictory to everything he claims to stand for.

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  • hey Red its great to see you back with your usual commonsense article…..
    it would seem that the jab has removed all commonsense from all politicians…..the time is ripe for a no-nonsense party to come out of the swamp of despair that we are in and get some reality back into this country…..Luxon’s looking to get his legacy marked in stone really quickly with his concentration on the Maori language integration and all things cultural….what about the damned economy, housing issue, drug problem, mental health, useless mandates, etc – when is someone going to stand out from the masses and call this government out for its enormous, permanent damage done to this once beautiful free country…..

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  • Have been checking in daily, eagerly awaiting a new article from Red.
    Finally it arrives and Red hits it out of the park!



    • Lynnsam-Yunk- thanks for your support. Hard to write when so many citizens seem quite willing to be fed an endless diet of BS from politicians and the media. Feels as if you’re up against a monolithic force of ignorance so huge it will never be overcome.


  • National have been spineless for decades. Look at what it took to get rid of Rob Muldoon they cowered gloveled and any thing else rather than stand up to the man and put him in his place. Meanwhile our country was going bankrupt, Labour had to devalue the nzd to stop the nation running out of money. National let us burn.