NewstalkZB- John MacDonald “fiery” discussion with Judith Collins

Judith Collins appeared in on Newstalk ZB Radio this morning with John MacDonald, an announcer many may not be familiar with as he is apparently filling in for someone else. Listeners have described the interview as “fiery”. In terms of the flaccid presentation of most NZ radio and TV perhaps it was. (listen to audio below)

If you were piqued enough to listen, when you’re used to hearing Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin or even Leighton Smith, then you might not find it as stimulating as some have. However, its not bad for so politically placid New Zealand.

John MacDonald, host of Canterbury Mornings on NewstalkZB.

Mr MacDonald is the kind of unimpressive garden variety progressive that dominates NZ media and he did not want to talk about anything critical to the govt. He was all het up on the usual left or Labour constructed talking points. Those which are purposefully generated as a distraction by Jacinda’s Praetorian Guard media managers when things aren’t going well for her.

Mr MacDonald took up a large part of the interview talking about Ms Collins use of the word “bottled” two weeks ago. A tiresome subject and an attempt to smear Ms Collins with the usual out of context misinterpretation and tinted as always with sinister allegations of racism. Just utterly cringeworthy stuff.

However in the second half of the interview Mr MacDonald, obviously seeing himself as an especially erudite fellow, decided to criticise Ms Collin’s pronunciation of the word “Aotearoa”. Many thought this somewhat rude. Mr MacDonald excused his behaviour on the grounds that Collins is the leader of the opposition and should know how to pronounce the word correctly.

Quite remarkable when there is not one instance of any media personality ever correcting Jacinda Ardern for her frequent mispronunciation of English words. The Prime Minister of New Zealand often says jeprodize instead of jeopardize. She oftens says brought when she should say bought. She pronounces t as a d. For example pardy rather than party.

This all goes by the NZ media, but they apparently think its important to correct Judith Collins on how to say the Maori word Aotearoa?

The intense campaign to humiliate shame and embarrass Judith Collins by Labour’s media shills is just one more example of how badly this country’s democracy is served by these unprofessional bought off fake news charlatans. No wonder they came out so badly thought of in a recent survey.

They don’t know anything about journalism or broadcasting. They only know how to kowtow to progressivism and the Ardern govt and that’s how they retain a large part of their income and their jobs.

The full interview below-



  • “No wonder they came out so-badly-thought-of in a recent survey.”

    Oh? Another one? Reference, please.

    One has to wonder why Collins and her like don’t point out in such interviews, the NZ public’s perception of NZ’s mudstream media.

    Trust and confidence in members of Parliament has increased, but in the public mind MPs are still second-to-bottom of a list of 10 types of jobs and organisations.

    MPs rank slightly ahead of JOURNALISTS, THE LEAST-TRUSTED GROUP, and behind local council members, lawyers and civil servants, who are all below the half-way mark in a survey of public trust and confidence.


  • Salacious Crumb

    And of course the entirely made up word “jepradise” which was used with abandon from the “Pulpit of Truth”. Then again we are talking about a Prime Minister who confused the Crown Accounts with GDP in a live interview with Hosking. Thick or just plain ignorant?

    As much as I despised Clarke you couldn’t fault her, Key or English on their command of the detail. It seems our Jacinda just doesn’t have the intellectual firepower.

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    • Good Lord, she couldn’t be entrusted to operate the till and Eftpos in a fish shop, still does not know the difference between GST, CGT, and CPI . . . what the hell sort of imbecile could support this communist puppet?


  • It would be interesting if the media and journalists were required to be audited for political style donations from New Zealand and offshore. Given the elaborate schemes our political parties appear to dream up to get say Chinese funding, what are the odds that some media organisations have some curious financial arrangements. We know about the $55 million for starters. All a bit odd that Labour, our media,
    the US media and the US Democrats are all on the same page with identical policy initiatives. I read a US article the other day talking about “Western” science, by coincidence being debated in the US at the same time.


    • Yep, there are huge parallels between media-speak here and the US. Same messages, same focus, same propaganda. Led by a totally incomprehensible (and blatantly corrupt) man put into power because he’d been around forever. Another leader whose only income has been from the taxpayers. As for Adern, there’s nothing intelligent there. Try deciphering what the hell she burbles about when she’s not reading off a script. It is just words and phrases run together that make no sense at all. Smart communicator? COME ON, MAN!


  • It’s not the news program or print or digital that’s brainwashing kiwi. Only old people tune into that. It’s the Hollywood influencers via movies, TV series and music creeping the changes. Kelly thinks it’s Hollywood. Hollywood is an influence via Global Green and Matt Petersen’s direct ties, including your Green Branding in land use and age. The next generation asking for communism are subtly being influenced and led by home grown film makers, Lorde and The Boys.


    • The majority of New Zealanders are easy meat for communist subversion. They completely deny its existence, and it would appear no amount of urgings on the truth can disturb them from their slumbers. Feasting on wheelbarrows full of borrowed money, and influenced by screeds of propaganda from a dysfunctional mainstream media, they think everything is going so swimmingly. You can try to warn them but it will fall on deaf ears. Its not that they don’t care, but more that they do not want to know. Cultural Marxism and the global communist movement are myths that only crazy people talk about. One day, they will know the truth. When it happens, lets hope they have more pride than to want sympathy for their entrapment, which will be down to their own stubborn refusal to take heed of all of the warning signs.


  • * Welly not Kelly. Wellington is a Los Angeles wanna be culture wise and with the production houses tying Hollywood with NZ