Stuff editor’s stark ignorance on state of media

A recent survey by the Auckland University of Technology shone some light on the public’s gradually diminishing trust in the news media. Journalists and their ilk were shocked. More people were amazed that the levels were still so extraordinarily high.

The full survey is attached below in .pdf format.

The New Zealand media clutch on to a straw of hope in saying that New Zealanders still have higher trust than overseas consumers. In fact this is a negative rather than a positive. New Zealand is a small South Pacific island, and as such is detached to some extent from trends overseas. That is why it doesn’t get what the rest of the world gets about the state of the media

Australians have far less trust. They’re a bigger country, far more connected to the  world, but the real issue is that unlike NZ, they still have a pluralistic news media. Meaning there is at least some degree of resistance to the suffocating progressive propaganda blanket of mainstream newspapers, free to air TV and taxpayer funded but green left owned ABC.

Where an incredible 48% of insular New Zealanders still trust the mainstream news (most notably heritage broadcasters TV One and Radio NZ), in Australia it drops to 38%. In the USA its a much more healthy, (but still surprising) 29%.

The survey tries to blur the results by going on about social media. Its not relevant. What is relevant is what the media is doing to destroy trust, and that is simple. It lies, recklessly and often. Probably the most important finding of the survey is that

94% of people were concerned about media’s inclination “to twist or spin stories to suit a particular agenda”.

A further 90% were concerned about “poor journalism, including factual mistakes, dumbed down stories and misleading headlines/clickbait.”

So that is 90-94% of people who think media are agenda driven liars, and they’re right. (How this translates to a 48% level of trust is something only the authors of the survey can explain.)

The Stuff editor Anna Fifield wrote recently that she was shocked by the survey-

(48%) That’s less than half. Gulp. A sobering number indeed. …the survey found trust in the news has declined because the media is increasingly seen as “opinionated, biased, and politicised”. That gels with feedback I hear from readers, and it alarms me because we are trying our darndest to be as neutral as humanly possible.

Stuff editor Anna Fifield and her child with the Obamas

Anna gained a BA at Victoria University. She then did journalism at the University of Canterbury, and has also studied at Harvard and Stanford. She worked for the Washington Post. Now editor at Stuff (The Dominion Post) Anna says

“It was tough to leave a newspaper owned by the world’s richest man, (Jeff Bezos) but I want to do my part to contribute to the New Zealand media environment.”

So Anna has an impressive career but by her background and her education it is clear she will never get why she is a trained progressive revolutionary, and as such has nothing to offer the conservative counter-revolutionary movement.

Even in her editorial expressing shock at the low level of trust she couldn’t even bring herself to use the name Donald Trump, preferring the following euphemistic paragraph-

” in the United States in particular has been afflicted by a certain someone’s “fake news” claim about every story he didn’t like, and the rampant spread of misinformation and disinformation.”

The fact is the world is moving on past Anna and her ilk, who have infiltrated what was once an objective industry and turned it into a mouthpiece for the progressive Marxist revolution of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton and Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky and Jacinda Ardern.

The revolution has failed, and although the communists are trying to revive it through the illegitimate Biden administration, aided and abetted by illegal immigration, racial division, and riots, arson and looting in the streets through BLM and Antifa, it is the last gasp of a movement that cannot stand against truth.

The politically corrupt untrusted media that has sustained it for six decades or more with lies and propaganda is going down with it, and the sooner the better.

Trust-in-News-in-NZ-2021-report – Copy


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