Arm The Police

If socialist Princess Jacinda Ardern and the wokest Police Commissioner ever Andrew Coster and bumbling idiot Police Minister Poto Williams all agree that police should not be armed, then its obviously the wrong decision.

Sure, it would be excellent if Police did not have to be armed. As has been the case for decades. However as the progressives keep telling us, things are changing, and with a massive increase in violent crime being one of those changes, then its reasonable to start looking at what steps are needed to combat this problem.

Ardern Coster and Williams. Coster says he is not a “political Police Commissioner”

There are two important issues here. One is the safety of police. The other is the degeneration of our society. Its happening, but what is more, it is proving the age old maxim that laws are only for moral people. When huge sectors of society ignore the law, and the govt gives those people tacit support, the police in the street cannot fix the problem and they can’t be blamed.

This blog has written before about how communists use social unrest, crime and whatever other means they can to disrupt society. To weaken it. Divide it. Demoralise it. Make it afraid. Promote resentment. That’s why we have a divide between so called Maori (really Marxist agitators) and the rest of New Zealand.

Today, at the forefront of this divide is the massive problem of Maori gangs, exacerbated by govt’s implicit support given by means of constant messaging that its not their fault, its society’s fault.

Since Jacinda Ardern’s election these gangs, dealing in drugs, stolen cars, vice and other lawless business with virtual impunity, have become a real class within our society. You’ve heard of the working class and the middle class. These people are the criminal class and they always feature in societies that are slipping into communism.

Constable Matthew Hunt was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a criminal coward in Massey, 19th June 2020. His colleague was severely wounded

The Ardern govt and its extreme left supporters in academia and media have given Maori gangs licence to commit crime by means of their incessant propaganda drumbeat of unfairness, racism, and hopelessness. These bastards now think they have every right to steal kill rape and beat people and deal drugs, because “colonialism”.

So its unfair and its dangerous to send police out unarmed to deal with the escalating problem of these violent criminal scum. If Police had been armed during the recent killing of Officer Matthew Hunt in Massey, the outcome would most likely have been very different.

Violence will continue to grow until NZ voters understand who they’re really supporting when they vote for the Labour party today. If we ever elect a bunch of politicians with spine, the first thing they need to do is make the streets safe again.

Until that happens, we just cannot continue to expect policeman and women at the coalface of crime to put their lives on the line against rising numbers of armed offenders without back up firearms for themselves.

To continue to ask them to do this is just looney tune madness of the type you always get from FITH namby pamby progressives like Ardern, Coster and Williams. Violent criminals just love them to bits.

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