Global thuggery ensures NZ’s compliance with climate change scam

At a meeting two days ago with constituents, National MP Stuart Smith received some harsh criticism over his party’s weakness in succumbing to the climate change scam. One man, in a welcome indication that not all NZers are anxiety ridden poorly educated well brainwashed products of a decrepit socialist controlled school system, voiced the following heretical viewpoint-

“How can you stand there and preach this crap when possibly the temperature hasn’t risen in 20 or 30 years, answer me that please. It’s bullsh*t.”

MP Stuart Smith is National’s spokesman on climate change

Mr Smith, who is actually the National spokesman on climate change, responded by saying that if New Zealand did not do what it was told to by its trading partners, it would have tariffs placed on its goods. He said-

“The issue for you is that all of our trading partners have said to us, if we’re not doing enough, they’re going to put tariffs on it. We’ve signed up for it (the Paris Agreement) whether we like it or not.

This is a pretty big call from Mr Smith on a number of issues. For one, we have so called Free Trade agreements which by their name should provide the opportunity to trade without the imposition of onerous govt conditions. Are these agreements superseded by the Paris Accord? If so, they’re not worth the paper they’re written on.

Or have we signed up to free trade that is not really free but conditional on reducing CO2 emissions? Either way it seems that those who criticise international agreements as a threat to sovereignty have been proven right. Apparently our MPs now can’t do as their constituents wish because of the Paris Accord. Or misnamed “Free Trade” agreements. Or possibly both.

Mr Smith went on to claim the man’s view was unsupported by the majority. He said

I’m not here to argue climate change or the science of climate change. You’re welcome to your view but I think you’re in a minority in New Zealand”

Galileo was jailed in the 17th century for insisting the earth revolved around the sun, a challenge to scientific orthodoxy later proven to be true

Kudos to the man who had the guts to speak out. Mr Smith should know the majority have often been wrong in history. Especially when govts or their agencies have forcefully silenced all argument on an issue. See Galileo.

Time will tell that man caused climate change is just another global scam designed to deliver power to bullying socialists. It has been totally discredited already by decades of false predictions of doom.

If New Zealand really did sign up to agreements whereby the country would have tariffs placed on its exports if it did not cut CO2 emissions then whoever is responsible for the signing, be it the Paris Accord or any other agreement, they should not only be fired but also possibly jailed. They gave away our nation’s sovereignty for the sake of a dangerous deceitful myth.


  • This is interesting some try to push back. Wish Simon O’Connor would step up. The damage was done when Keys appointed Patsy Redding. Read between the lines and note how urban planning is called out in link below. The Gov-gen pretends to be Loyal to Team of 3 but understand she enabled loss of local governance while centralizing power in Welly during her term. Her enabling CCP influence and Covid Hoax, she is calling the Queen a puppet instead of respecting true Constitutional Monarchy. Dame Patsy was called out last year in a press release I wrote for the Auckland Anti Lockdown protesters. Read this AP interview to see urban planning is how counties flip from Republic to Communist. Happened in California from passage of AB32 in 2006 to loss of USA in Election 2020.

    Note James Cameron is dear friends with Patsy, and read the new Stuff profile with Suzie the wife. Also note Camerons ties with Global Green and Matt Petersen since 20 years ago when Leo DeCrapio was Global Green Board member as they wrote urban planning policy we call Green Building design. That’s the cabal who stole New Zealand from kiwi. Your land use determines your destiny. Global Green trained James and Suzie and provided the urban policy talking points for them to sell while fundraising worldwide to elect Climate Officials like No Meat Patsy – the 1st Plant Based vegan GovGen of NZ.

    Patsy telling you Queen is but a symbol


    • IMHO not enough questions have been asked about John Key. His relatively fast rise in the National Party. The way he played the right for support when in opposition and turned left when PM. The amount of Chicom influence and money in the party. His campaign to remove the union jack from the NZ flag was heavily financed and well supported by Chinese influences. Key’s ongoing public support for China’s communist ruling regime. His open support for globalism. All smells to high heaven.


      • Interesting perspective about Keys. There’s nothing worse than an official who betrays their own. I thought he’s a globalist reading about him last year for “Who is Patsy?”, but you just confirmed Keys opened the door to Chicom infiltrators.

        On a hopeful turn, if you get a chance,
        check out Claire Deeks work. She’s getting kiwi exposure in USA. She helped organize and spoke at the September 12 2020 Auckland anti Lockdown protest. Her free speech billboards and protests have hit USA conservative media:

        You may be interested in reaching out to Citizens Free Press to post your articles? Our national interests intersect more than ever. I flew from Edinburgh to Auckland to witness your history last year. Others would be interested. Cheers, mate!


      • Key was our local MP. Had tremendous support here. Gave NOTHING back to his electorate and left it a total shambles. Take a look at SH16 between Brighams Creek and Huapai on any day, a logjam for most of daylight hours. Yes, I agree with your sentiments. And I was always very uncomfortable with his mateyness with Obama, the most marxist US President ever.


        • Yes, friends with the Clintons too. Signed off on a massive “donation” of Taxpayer money to the bogus Clinton Foundation and never held to account.