Violent crime an inevitable outcome of NZ’s “progressive” society

The only sure way to stop escalating crime and violence in New Zealand is to build a time machine. Go back about fifty years and stop the seeds that were planted then that have taken root and produced the problems we have today.

Police Commissioner Coster

Unless we want to get really tough, but we don’t of course. if a political party stood up and said they were for law and order and that they would re-institute the death penalty, build many more jails, institute hard labour and long sentences as as a punishment regime, hire many more cops and arm them it would maybe get a dozen votes. The heads of the majority of NZers are too damaged by decades of liberal indoctrination to do what is necessary.

The wittering from the Police management today is a symptom rather than a cause. Commissioner Coster is a typical indoctrinated liberal who has been a failure since the day he took command. Neither will he be held accountable by the govt who from the Police Minister back are all as brain damaged as he is. Coster will stay in the job as long as there is a Labour govt, because he’s the kind of ideologically wet failure they want in charge of police.

The stable patriarchal family has been destroyed

Meanwhile the Police on the beat take the brunt of it all. Especially the men. They have seen promotions in the force based on gender take precedence over skill or length of service. They have seen tiny Asian woman with fragile bone structures hired because cultural diversity has precedence over physical requirements. Asians are smart but they’re no help in a physical confrontation with the Mongrel Mob.

Even straight white females are useless in a fight, as we witnessed in a recently released video of a police man getting beaten about the head while his buddy screeches at his assailant to “Stop it!”. So the male cop gets a beating dangerous to his health and mind for the sake of allowing women in the frontline of the force. Utter madness. Just utter unfathomable madness, and Coster and the rest of his management are right behind it.

As for the longer term problems, there are so many mistakes we have made as a society. Number one is the trend to remove fathers. “Fight the patriarchy!” has been the war cry of the stage three feminist. So they fought it and girls and boys grow up fatherless and pandered to by liberal mothers too desperate for the affections of their offspring to effect parental discipline.

We have not stood firm against Marxist strategies

Number two is the education system’s cleaving of children from their parents even if they are fortunate enough to have a stable parental structure. Public schools have gradually taken over the role of parents, and therefore cultural norms have not been passed down. Kids owned by liberal school teachers five days a week are told their mothers and father are guilty of wrong think and must be disregarded. Your school is your parent.

More madness that has lead to generations of children totally divorced from their parents and ignorant of the previously existing cultural structures that are needed to form a stable working society. Instead their heads are filled with Marxist doctrine that prevents them from telling right from wrong, that tells them there is no truth, and that thinking otherwise is an archaic outmoded style. “Change the world” is their mantra, even if that change has no real basis in logic or offers any real benefit to society.

Marxism has replaced Judeo-Christianity as the dominant culture

Numbers three and four are similar mantras that as usual come from the left, and insist that if you are poor, you have a right to rob and steal, but worse, if you have Maori blood that right exists twofold, and you can hijack cars, sell drugs, rob milk bars, and all these actions are quite justifiable because poverty and/or “colonialism” or both.

When the lookouts on the Titanic saw the iceberg, they couldn’t steer away because the speeding ship could not be turned soon enough. New Zealand’s trajectory likewise cannot be changed overnight or even in a decade. If ever.

Maybe we just have to face the inevitability of the Tytler cycle, and let it play out and then start all over again. We’re at least a hundred years away from a restart, so maybe a wise person would just batten down the hatches, isolate themselves from the expected wave of destruction, and realise that all they can hope for is that their great grandchildren can grow up in a world restored to sanity.

One comment

  • Mongrel Mob in NZ would collapse overnight if Police were prepared to put a bullet in them at the threat or use of violence toward one of their colleagues. Nobody is going to miss the wife beaters, child abusers and low lifes so why do we pretend we would?

    Aside from that more focus on a model where the Police would know their neighbourhood and who the troublemakers are from a young age rather than some of the other nonsense the seems to take the attention of top brass.
    Besides I think you underestimate a highly trained Asian woman!