A junta of the hard left, fake Maori activists and criminal gangs in control of NZ

Who hasn’t noticed how the bought media have been struggling so mightily to repair the damage done by news of Jacinda Ardern’s signing off on $2.75 million funding of your dollars to the Mongrel Mob, a gang of race based drug dealing criminals. This is a gang that deals in death and family destruction, but Jacinda has made them a partner in the governance of New Zealand.

Willie Jackson is leader of the Maori faction of the Labour Party

No doubt its a deal that exists because of some quid pro quo arrangement with her so called “Maori” caucus, led by the race hustler Willie Jackson. Mr Jackson was previously most well known for losing his radio job on account of his support for another gang. Namely the Roast Busters who were accused of raping underage women and boasting about it on social media.

Ardern also works closely with the Maori Council, an organisation set up in 1960 as a focal point for Maori to interact with govt on tribal issues. It now exists to pressure the govt to accept the myth of Treaty “partnership” being key to the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Director of the Maori Council is Matthew Tukaki who is currently leading the charge to have free speech activist and YouTuber Lee Williams deported from the country.

The articulate Mr Williams is outspoken in his opposition to radical Maori mantras and is just one more in a long line of people Tukaki has tried to get fired or censured, including Don Brash and Judith Collins.

The author of this tweet with its pig (police) emojis is a Massey University academic and Peer Assessor for Creative NZ

The Lee Williams issue is integrated into the “Maori” activist takeover by means of not just Mr Tukaki but also other prominent govt agents and even MPs taking part in the campaign to silence him.

Maori Party and Green Party MPS were connected with and helped initiate a petition to get Mr Williams fired from his job, which he eventually was. He also had his bank account cancelled and his YouTube channel taken down. Although it is now back up again.

Maori activists working for Creative New Zealand have also been prominent in the campaign against Williams. The illustration shows a tweet from one such activist wherein she refers to the police by means of a pig emoji. An upstanding community member right?

What happened to Mr Williams, even if you don’t like or agree with him, was significant because it was meant as a warning to us all. It was Jacinda’s junta saying “Resist and you will be dealt with!”

The Human Rights Commission and the Green Party are heavily invested in the Mongrel Mob

So if we put all of the jigsaw pieces together the full picture of the horrifying collective that holds power in NZ today becomes clear. A junta of the far left, (led by Jacinda Ardern), the radicals of the Maori caucus, radical activists working throughout media and the govt bureaucracy, and last but not least, Maori gangs masquerading as social workers.

This is a junta wielding enormous power in NZ. Power given to them by voters who never had a clue that this was what they were voting for. If Jacinda had a skerrick of honour she would hold a new election today, now that the voters know what she has in store for the country.

You know she is never going to do that and now we must endure the enormous damage this junta will do during the remaining two plus years of her term. If we allow them to. Protest this dangerous and destructive collection of communists racists and thugs when ever and where ever you can.


  • I do wonder if a “Goff Whitlam” moment is upon NZ?

    Too much to hope for?


    • Australia is not held so fast in the left’s grip as insular New Zealand. The battle here is much more uneven.


      • When, if ever, will the fuckwits we elect realize that climate changes naturally. We have been in and out of five or more glaciations in the last million years or so. What is now London was covered with a couple of kilometers of ice 20,000 years ago. Did the Neanderthals have petrol guzzling four wheel drives? Maybe but only in the imagination of our horse faced bimbo. Fiordland was being carved out by glaciers. Just how thick and stupid are these cretins we elect?


  • Do you really think the voters know she has in store for us? Those few of us, I would suggest, who bother to look a little deeper do, but I would put good money on it that the vast majority dont. I have all but ceased discussing it with friends, family, colleagues, most of whom are well-educated intelligent hard-working people. They just don’t give a rats about whats really going on. It’s disheartening and worrying, to say the least. Certainly, the farmers won’t be suckered into voting for her again in order to stop the communist Greens from having too much say, but as for the majority of the rest of the electorate…..who knows.


    • Hi Sharrylou- Do not become downhearted. At the moment the left forces in NZ are working hard at maintaining the facades on Jacinda’s Potemkin village, but as economic reality begins to break through, they will find it impossible to continue with this fakery. Your friends will wake up when the duplicity is exposed. Don’t be disappointed, in time the truth always wins.


  • No one knows or cares about Lee Williams. Kiwi have adapted to the new normal. The ute and grower protest gave false hope last week. Suicides will continue for those who dig, learn and accept reality. I was at the Howl Protest. I went to support my mate who took his life last Christmas.


    • Andrew- Its tragic how farmers are being treated in NZ, but its pattern the left have followed throughout history (see Kulaks in the Ukraine Soviet Russia) and we must recognise these patterns and take constructive steps to counter them.

      The people pulling the strings, shall we call them Jacinda’s handlers, understand the strategies. Most trying to counter them do not. It is critical we inform ourselves on the left’s tactics. Random protests will have limited effect. We must have a long term underlying objective based on countering the left’s main strategies.

      Btw, hopes are never really false. The only way they do become so is if we give up on them.


  • I protest covid restrictions in CC last year. Lee Williams attended but never took time to talk with or interview us. His agenda was YouTubeclicks, not meaningful action. I joined friends at the Howl protest Friday. Now what? It’s easy to direct people on a WordPress website to go protest when no one knows your true identity. It’s another for people who stood up in Outdoor Party, New Conservative, AdvanceNZ and others in an election where we learned the strings are pulled from overseas. Lee Williams didn’t bother connecting with any of us. He was a dairy worker – not a candidate or local council official. We spent hard earned dollars on billboards and pamphlets walking door to door. Lee Williams didn’t help. I support friends but do not need more rubbish ideas that anything will happen. Please stop conflating Lee Williams with people who work hard in our local communities.


    • Shona, please see my response to Alice. It is the principle that matters, and we must fight the battle where it gains us the most ground. The most pressing issue in NZ today is free speech, and the left’s control of media. You know the people of the New Conservative party I presume. We know they worked so hard, and travelled the country, and as you say spent money on billboards and pamphlets. All that effort deserves reward. However that reward will be slow coming when the left control the media.

      The most influential political outlets in NZ are still TV One and Radio New Zealand and the left have those firmly in their grasp. Its how they were able to exclude Leighton Baker from the debates. When they did mention NC it was in a slyly derogatory manner. These are the forces we must confront, and one thing we must not do is allow them to tell us what we are permitted to say or do especially in demonstrations.

      Grant Robertson’s arrogant instructions as to how to conduct our protests must be treated with the scorn they deserve. The French farmers are making differences with their protests and they say what they like. They would not let little pudgy and odious frauds like Robertson tell them how to protest.


  • Terrific mate. I reckon we’ll even see you at some protest eventually, Red? It must get lonesome behind that keyboard. Come out and make friends.


  • Groundswell NZ speak for us with the work they do everyday. Not Facebook, YouTube, or Gab publicity seekers like Lee Williams. Some of these amateur broadcasters do us more harm than good.


    • Hi Alice. I don’t see it as being about Lee Williams. He could be the biggest bastard this side of the black stump but the core issue would be the same. His Youtube channel has 15000 followers and he is speaking words the Stasi do not want heard. If we allow them to silence people like Williams they can silence anyone, including you and I. So its about all of us, and we simply must speak out and we must speak our minds, for once they stop us from doing that we have nothing.


      • Who is he to speak those words? Credibility matters. He’s just a bloke regurgitating what others report from overseas. Yet, Groundswell NZ with 0 YouTube followers mounted a 20,000 strong protest nationwide. They are able to speak about what they were interviewed about on several programs and publications. They exposed our plight. How many of Lee Williams’ 15,000 were eligible Kiwi voters in the 2020 election (when it mattered)? How many of his comments were Bots? How many of the 20 THOUSAND strong from Friday’s protest are eligible to vote in our coming election, and are human beings? The Statsi fell with the fall of the Soviet Union. Just as economics drove that end, so will it one way or another in New Zealand. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why anyone would use a Google product thinking they are protesting when each click enriches the enemy that funds media against you?

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        • My post was about the political amalgam that is suppressing speech and political choices in NZ. How its not just Jacinda Ardern and her Labour party.

          Sure, the organisers of the Howl deserve credit, (and IMHO the crowd was far larger than 20,000) but they cannot let their protests be softened by the left’s complaints about behaviour. The left will make those complaints and misconstrue events anyway, (as they have already done) so what’s to lose?

          As for Google, I agree. Note I never provide links to such sites of even articles in the mainstream media other than on the rare occasions when I judge there is profit in it for our side.


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  • All this debate is clearly highlighting the frustrations centrist and right-leaning folk like us are experiencing due to a total lack of determined Political opposition to the marxist agenda currently rolling out. I agree with you Red, National is definitely infiltrated by those with marxist sentiments, hence their ineffectiveness. Same thing has happened in democracies the world over. They don’t care which party they stand for, as long as they get a foot in the door. ACT are picking up steam, but working harder than any other party for it, it seems.
    You Tube is too corrupted for me to follow for Political input any more. Censorship is rife. I rely on blogsites now, but am sure it won’t be long before the likes of Spotify step up their censorship. Am following Groundswell with great interest, signed up for their newsletters but to date have had no feedback from the protests. I wonder if they have an estimate of protester numbers. Would be helpful, to keep all the supporters motivated and with them.


    • Take the protesters at the Waiheke Marina. Its a good bet that almost everyone of them is receiving income from the govt/ taxpayer. That’s why their protests can last for so long and are so well attended. The farmers don’t have that kind of luxury. After their protest last Friday they had to go home and try and catch up on the work they hadn’t done because they were at the protest. Then some of them were hit with bad weather too.

      This circumstance doesn’t just apply to farmers. Most net-positive taxpayers in NZ don’t have time to protest because they’re too busy working to provide for themselves and/ or their families.

      So it was a wonderful thing to see so many turn out on Friday, and to see them so motivated, even if many of them don’t get what is really happening, or understand that they have been deliberately targeted by the left.

      The protest’s most positive effect is that it alerts people to the fact that there are so many more people unhappy with Jacinda than they thought.

      That said, Jacinda won’t make any real changes. Relief will only come when NZ’s political situation improves and that is an event that is at least ten years away. It will take that time to clean out the Nats and ACT of their left leaning liberal factions and get some Conservatives back behind the wheel.


  • Your Heart knows the Truth

    Wow. Have not been on here before! Thank you so much for your immensely good work sharing the truth. Its hard being a truther. I have felt this for a very long time. Alone amidst the unconsious. This time now is the pivotal point for humanitys survival. A war of good v evil. Never before has this occurred. We need to Unite leaving behind our petty beliefs. The Cause is greater. The survival of Humanity. NZ ‘ers WTFU!