Luxon and Key tag team on Chinese news service

Does this guy work for the Labour Party or what? In a previously undiscovered video from April last year Chris Luxon speaks to the Chinese-New Zealand news service SkyKiwi and says Jacinda is doing a great job and that recovery from the virus would be a chance to build back better.

Its disappointing to see the man the NZ media want to lead the National party speaking in a way that would make any passing observer think he was a member of Labour. Than again, he was a key economic advisor to Jacinda Ardern, and the media wouldn’t be Luxon’s cheer squad if he wasn’t a lefty stooge.

Joining Luxon on the broadcast is John Key who never misses a chance to curry favour with monied up communists and dictators, and does so on this occasion by sneering at those blaming China for the Corona Virus. As stated above, this video was in April 2020, and the prevailing establishment view was very different then from what it is today. Egg on face for Mr. Key.

Key, who describes himself as an “internationalist” also gives subtle support for Luxon as leader of National by saying they have similar views and that if “Chis was Prime Minister what you would see is a strong emphasis on the economy”. In Luxon’s maiden speech to parliament he boasted of the progressive social changes he had overseen as CEO of Air NZ.

Engagement with China was championed by John Key while he was PM, and the value of trade has grown from $2 billion in the early 2000s to $16 billion today. One has to admit this is a financial plus for New Zealand, but given the overall state of the country today, and China’s covert influence in politics, there is a question as to whether it is an overall benefit.

As for Luxon, the whole video is one hour long, and for much of that time he expounds upon his economic and political vision for New Zealand. Its less than inspirational. Luxon comes across as a plodding mediocrity speaking all the right words and phrases, but there are no signs of the exceptional qualities a leader will need to possess to guide NZ out of its current socialist mire.

If the media are successful, and Luxon takes the leadership of National before the next election, there’s a real danger it will be the Muller nightmare all over again, and good news for no one other than the ACT party and China.