Electric Vehicles paying road tax in Australia

The Ardern govt is lying by omission. Electric cars are going to cost you far more than you think. As people in Victoria Australia are finding out today as they face demands to pay a tax of 2.5 cents per kilometre. The law was passed back in May but takes effect from July 1st.

The Ardern govt is attempting to persuade people to purchase electric cars instead of ICE cars, and their punishing the truth in so many ways. They have never said how they will recover the taxes taken at the petrol bowser, which have been estimated at $4 billion per year but will dwindle to nothing if ICE cars are made extinct.

There is only one way to do it, and it was predicted by this blog some time ago in this article. Today Victoria under another arch communist Daniel Andrews has introduced a tax per kilometre travelled on all electric cars. It will work out at about $350 per year if you travel 15000 kilometres in that year.

Owners have been ordered to send a photo of their car’s odometer to the Dept of Roads (Vicroads) so that charges can begin on July 1st. If they don’t send a photo, their car will be de-registered, and they will then be fined if found to be using it. They will also be billed for the estimated daily use.

Owners of hybrid cars will be taxed at 2 cents a kilometre. Even if they do most of their driving using petrol or diesel fuel. So they will be paying a double tax.

Anyone with a working brain knows the real issue here is that this is only the start and these relatively innocuous amounts will no doubt be substantially increased as time goes by. Remember to add these expected taxes into your equation when you do the sums on how much an EV will cost you.


  • Death and taxes are the two things you can count on, anyone with a brain can figure out the roads have to be repaired from time to time and if we all drive these coal powered electric cars the money has to come from some where. I understand that the green red element thinks hey money is green therefore it must grow on trees but the rest of the thinking population realizes money is made from the sweat and labour of good hard working kiwis, especially farmers.


  • I’ve read somewhere that diesel road user tax will be extended to EVs from Nov this year. I have just purchased a brand new petrol SUV. Did the sums,,,,,EVs won’t add up. I also factored additional taxes which will be phased in to make up for lost gas-pump taxes, when I made my decision. Further, we will need charging stations the size of multiple rugby fields to cater to the demand, as it takes a bare minimum 30 mins to charge an EV, compared to 5 mins for filling at the gas pump. And normal house-hold power won’t cope, let alone the national grid. Watch for rolling black-outs in the future. We are being run by a govt of total nut cases.


  • Not only that but:
    171 scientists say European policymakers have grossly miscalculated the CO2 budget of e-cars in 2030 and that in reality CO2 emitted would be MORE THAN TWICE AS HIGH as assumed:

    EU Commission head Ursula von der Leyen and her colleagues recently received an open letter drafted by scientists of the International Association of Sustainable Drivetrain and Vehicle Technology Research.

    For example, the scientists calculate that a VW ID.3 electric vehicle would “cause” 30 tons of CO2 during its “life cycle” (15 years, 220,000 km) instead of 14 tons during operation through the power grid. In contrast, the CO2 footprint of a diesel full hybrid fueled with R33 (67% fossil fuel, 33% biofuel) would be even better.
    As a consequence we must inform you, that due to the typically unnoticed miscalculation the CO2 saving potential of additional contributors of the sector electricity is much more limited than expected by many politicians and communicated! This situation clearly is in contrast to the recommendations of quick CO2 reduction of IPCC.”

    Depending on how the marginal electricity is generated the situation could be significantly worse here.