Chris Luxon maiden speech a major disappointment

Luxon is a corporate leftist wokester. That’s the first and most stark impression one gets from the new National MP’s maiden speech to parliament. He’s touted as a future leader of the party, but IMHO he should never get within a bar of the leadership.

In fact, he should quit the Nats and go join the Labour party. Where he will do more good for the country by pulling Labour to the right rather than the National Party to the left.

Luxon’s speech was not all bad. For example he recognises two important problems, namely the dysfunctional govt education system, and on the economic side, the country’s sad record on productivity.

Recognising those problems is one thing. Solutions are another, and Luxon had nothing but the same old uninspiring corporate rhetoric that we’ve heard from so many before him. Like John Key, another personally ambitious wokester who did nothing to fix the endemic problems NZ suffers from.

Luxon also made much of his Christian beliefs, and made the good point that religion should not be mixed with politics. Was he aware that he was being critical of Islam and Muslim politicians when he said this? It would be good to think so, but given his blindly obedient commitment to “diversity” I doubt the double edge of his comments was apparent to him.

If New Zealand is going to be “fixed”, then why would Luxon ignore the elephant in the room that is Maori sovereignty or separatism? This, if politicians continue to pursue it and bow down to it as they all seem to be doing now, will split the country socially and politically and thereby totally kill off any chance that might exist to improve productivity.

Luxon spoke for fifteen minutes. The video below is two minutes fourty two seconds which is what you get when you edit the speech down to the important things he said. Even then, there’s not much there for conservatives or people who want an end to wokeism, cultural marxism, critical race theory, separatism, and the other core problems that are so corrosive to NZ society as a whole.

Watch the video and see who Christopher Luxon really is. A left wing imposter who should never have been permitted to join Sid Holland’s National Party. That the speech received a standing ovation from his Nat party colleagues tells you all you need to know about the derelict condition of that organisation.