Green Party list candidate uses 1 cent donation to send obscene message

The Green Communist Party likes to pretend that its a compassionate group of caring sharing environmentalists but the reality is they’re a gang of petty hate merchants who will viciously lash out at anyone with a contrary political view.

Luke Wijohn is a rising star in the party. The kind of mentally unwell narcissist with a bad case of Greta Thunberg syndrome that our corrupted education system is producing by the score these days. NZ is suffering a plague of under-educated but well brainwashed activists, ignorant of history and intent on change for change’s sake. All seeking their own 15 minutes of fame.

One has to wonder if the education system’s complete failure to teach them science and maths is a deliberate ploy to make them fall more easily for the semi-religious dogma of a CO2 driven climate.

The Green Communist party has made a meal of the harsh criticism its members receive on social media, and are leading the charge on Stalinist style censorship of opinion using the argument that it should be illegal to offend or hurt someone’s feelings.

However, most NZers know they’re vapid hypocrites and liars, and if you’re one of those that didn’t know this, maybe the recent actions of the above mentioned Luke Dijon will change your mind. The political organisation 1Law4All has a donations link on its site. Luke donated one cent, and used the messaging associated with the donation to tell the group what he thought of them. Here’s said message-

In 2017, Wijohn volunteered on Julie Anne Genter’s election campaign. In 2019, he helped lead the School Strike for Climate in Auckland. He accepted the Ambassador of Conscience Award on behalf of the movement.

Wijohn was nominated by Crazy Chlöe Swarbrick for the 2019 New Zealand Youth Parliament. He was subsequently selected by the Greens Communists in February 2020 to contest Mount Albert in the 2020 New Zealand general election where he received 5.5% of the vote. He is number 18 on the party list. One of his prime political objectives is lowering the voting age.

So now you know who you’re voting for when you vote for the Greens Communist Party. Standards of behaviour have fallen spectacularly in parliament recently, with the Prime Minister recently calling the leader of the opposition a “Karen”. Mr Wijohn will clearly fit in well, and do his bit in making the NZ parliament a collection of unrepresentive ill educated poorly raised ignorant of history socialist thugs.

(Thanks to Simone for the tip.)

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