Mandatory GPS tracking to tax vehicles by distance travelled

Yet another assault on privacy from the generation that has sold its soul to big tech. The billions of dollars in taxes the govt gets from private vehicle use (taxes make up about half of the pump price) are under threat as they force people to use electric vehicles or public transport instead of conventional petrol/diesel driven cars.

So what’s the plan? Of course its another soviet style assault upon privacy in which you will be tracked over every kilometer you travel by means of a GPS fitted to your vehicle. You will be charged a rate as yet unknown, but it will have to compensate for the income from current taxation methods which according to the MSM is around $4 billion per year.

Why can’t they just calculate on kilometers travelled? Why do they have to know where your car is? The answer to this is that most likely there will be different rates charged depending upon where you are or which road you are driving on.

Travelling through congested areas such as inner cities will probably be charged at a higher rate.

Many people won’t give a damn that they’re being tracked, and will probably see this as an efficient means for the govt to collect the revenue its say it needs. After all, most people are tracked via their phones today, and most are not bothered.

Some individuals though still value their privacy, but I guess they’re a dying breed. Socialism, where the collective is always the priority, marches on.

The other thing is the GPS unit will most likely also track your speed, quite accurately, so fines will be easily and efficiently applied if you ever break the speed limit. It will just be banged on to your monthly account.

Happy driving customers. Apparently both National and Labour are good with this, so don’t expect any sympathy if you’re upset about it.

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