NZ Farmers feed the crocodile

Tyler Fifield

In a 1940 speech, Winston Churchill described countries wanting to remain neutral during the war as appeasers, and said each one is “feeding the crocodile in the hope they will be the last to be eaten”. Perhaps someone needs to say something similar to farmers in New Zealand today.

The founder of the NZ Farmer facebook page is Tyler Fifield and yesterday morning he posted a modified version of an article from this site “Media must lie about treaty partnership as condition of funding” on that page.

Later that day, two Stuff left wing political activists, namely Matt Burrows and Ireland Hendry-Tennent wrote a story on how the article has been pulled by NZ Farmers “following a backlash from some of its 216,000 followers”. The two activists quoted a “long time follower” as saying the “anti-Māori rhetoric” ignored indigenous members of the group and left fellow followers disgusted.

Political activist Ireland Hendry-Tennent

They said it’s “not the first racist or political rant” from administrators of the page, who have strayed increasingly from farming topics into anti-Labour and conspiracy theory territory.

Stuff’s left wing activists contacted NZ Farming spokesperson Duncan Humm for comment. Humm said the post was made by founder Tyler Fifield and “not supported by the rest of the team at all” and that he deleted the post himself after it was brought to his attention.

NZ Farmers should relieve Mr Humm of his duties. He’s an appeaser who clearly has no idea of the danger that the farming community faces from the Marxist zealots who control NZ today. He obviously has no idea of the strategies the govt’s supporters employ in using social media to make themselves seem much more numerous than they really are, and in such dangerous naivety he’s a threat to every farmer in NZ.

Political activist Matt Burrows

He also has no idea how the media has been turned into a force that protects the govt, and attacks and destroys anyone who speaks against it. The referenced article being a perfect example.

To back up their stance the two Stuff activists went running to the Race Commissar. Meng Foon is one of the worst of the govt’s commissars, and almost daily attacks the freedoms New Zealanders are afforded in the Bill of Rights 1993, namely section 14-

“Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.” 

Even though he was elected time after time as Mayor of Gisborne, (2002-2019) he now insults every white person who voted for him then as a racist. Foon is also a major force in driving separatism in NZ, being a prime mover in bringing the odious concept of Critical Race Theory into schools. His reaction to this event was his usual combination of distortion, untruths and propaganda. He said-

“despite what the post says, Te Tiriti is quite clearly a mandate for partnership between indigenous Māori and Pākehā. Māori entered a partnership with the Crown through the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, affirming the right of tangata whenua to exercise their tino rangatiratanga in all decision-making processes. Te Tiriti o Waitangi embodies human rights commitments the Government has towards Māori and also provides a place for non-Māori to co-exist in Aotearoa.”

Maori Separatists are a minor force in NZ, less than 10% of NZ Maori. Many mainstream Maori expressed support for the article when it was first published on this site. It is not “racist” or “anti-Maori”.

Duncan Humm

The treaty was merely an agreement between the Crown (governing from NSW Australia at the time) and indigenous tribes who wanted the protection of British law, specifically to help bring an end to tribal warfare. It was nothing to do with a governing “partnership”.

Farmers like the appeaser Duncan Humm need to wake up. Despite what the propagandist ant-free speech Race Commissar says, there’s no place for them to co-exist in “Aotearoa”. Labour and the Greens and separatist “Maori” radicals, (really just Marxist activists) want to eventually wipe them from the face of the earth. Mr Humm is clearly counting on being the last one thus dealt with.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Don’t refer to them as journalists (that descriptor died with the profession years ago) or even activists. They are party loyalists, pure and simple. To the party they simply “useful idiots”.


    • Sad to see this kind of cave in from some of the farmers. The only way we will beat the separatist radicals is if everyone speaks out. Allowing them to bully you into silence is the worst option of all.


  • Indeed. “Silence bespeaks consent.”