The Future, not Maori, but Marxism

Recently the Reserve Bank of NZ, of all people, claimed “the future is Maori”. This was the title of a speech given by Assistant Governor Christian Hawkesby to the Institute of Directors’ New Zealand 2021 Leadership Conference.

The public service of New Zealand has been fully infiltrated by so called “Maori” radicals so its not surprising that a senior pubic servant would say such a thing. Especially with Jacinda Ardern’s govt fully captured by her “Maori” caucus. If you wanted to get ahead, and be the full RB Governor one day, you’d be wise to toe the line.

Of course the claim is a politically driven lie, and when dissected, easily exposed as such.

The first untruth is the use of the word Maori. We’re dividing New Zealanders on the basis of race. Why? As usual, “cui bono” applies. The benefit goes to radical leftists with in most cases more European blood than Maori. They don’t represent anything except their own selfish interests.

They see separatist govt as gravy train of self promotion and financial reward through govt commissions and positions and consultancies and advisory posts and language and cultural advisors and a thousand other means to access taxpayer money they would otherwise have to sweat for.

Universities in NZ have been fully infiltrated by Cultural Marxist professors (the second part of the lie) who have been for decades placing these ideas in the heads of students unlucky enough to pass them on their way to adulthood.

Consequently the country has been robbed of responsible intellectual input from graduating students, and instead lumbered with a generation or two of intellectually diminished Marxist imbeciles who truly believe the country is “systemically racist”, and that they are the victims of a society specifically designed by white supremacists to disadvantage them.

Its just the same old Marxist rhetoric with words like “bourgeoise” and “proletarian” replaced by “coloniser” and “indigenous” respectively. The fact that by means of their European blood the logic of this approach is completely destroyed is the third part of the lie.

The fourth part of the lie is the claim that these separatists are actually representative of those New Zealanders with Maori blood. They are not. They are an abject collective of Marxist radicals who have nothing in common with mainstream whanau who just want to live in a free country, get on with providing for their families, and do not want NZ to turn into a communist wasteland like South Africa or Zimbabwe.

The fifth part of the lie is the claim that the TOW registered a partnership  between Crown and Maori. There was no partnership, but there was an agreement for all New Zealanders to live as one under one law. The lie of partnership is advanced only to benefit the selfish radicals mentioned above.

So Marxist radicals within the public service, our universities and the govt, especially within Labour by means of its racially segregated Maori caucus are pushing this big lie. So are the compromised media who have promised to do so in return for govt funding.

So the question then becomes “how do the non-Marxist majority of New Zealanders counter it?” The very first thing you do is stop voting Labour, who are merely a conduit, a front, for separatist race based radicals intent on taking control of the country.

Tell National what you want. Don’t let them go to the next election thinking you’re OK with this massive separatist attack on democracy. If they don’t listen go to ACT. If you don’t do anything it will happen, but you should remember, the door to Australia is not likely to stay open for much longer.