Rude and ignorant for any party to claim they represent a race

Its a good bet that many of the New Zealanders with Maori blood in their veins would be embarrassed and ashamed at the antics of the two clowns in the New Zealand Parliament who claim to be their representatives.

Leader of the so called “Maori Party” is Rawiri Waititi and Deputy leader is Debbie Ngarewa-Packer. They are apparently completely clueless about parliamentary procedure and use the NZ parliament merely as a stage for a series of ridiculous and infantile antics that would make anyone adult and rational ashamed to be associated with them.

Waititi, who dresses in extravagant clothes reminiscent of ancient glam star Boy George, including a cowboy hat, and has his face fully tattooed, even used the floor of parliament to conduct a haka yesterday, in yet another embarrassing display of ignorance and ill manners. Confirming he has no idea of what parliament exists for, or how to conduct himself in a civilised manner.

The two representatives are given extreme latitude by leftist speaker Trevor Mallard who of course is bound to do so, for if he dealt with them as they should be dealt with, ie the same as everyone else, it would put him under threat of being called racist by his own party colleagues. The Labour Party is fully captured by its “Maori” caucus.

ACT party MP Nicole McKee put it well when she said-

“I am one of those indigenous peoples, and I sit here in this House as a representative of others as well. And when we have politicians that say that they speak for my race that I belong to, I find that they’re not actually speaking for me.”

Labour MP Kelvin Davis, who identifies as Maori and thinks Maori are better working through the Labour party, backed Ms McKee up by saying-

“I agree with her entirely except for one point: don’t ever think that a party that gets 1.2 percent of the vote actually represent the views of Māoridom.”

So there you have two people significant to the debate speaking the truth that the Maori party is a misnamed entity that doesn’t represent anyone except two embarrassing clowns.

Media’s sycophantic refusal to hold these two fakes to account, and their pathetic fawning over every attention seeking gimmick Waititi and Ngarewa-Packer pull makes a joke of New Zealand’s democracy.

Video shows Rawiri Waititi performing haka in defiance of being asked to leave the house. Note encouragement from Green MP Chloe Swarbrick as they walk past her.