Renewed National party leadership speculation

Media is a bit short on news these days, so its likely this issue is getting more coverage than it deserves. However Newshub’s Duncan Garner today revealed an interesting comment from deposed leader Simon Bridges as he left the studio last Friday. According to Garner, Bridges said of leader Judith Collins-

“I’ll give her as much support as she gave me as the leader.”

Which is fair enough. Collins, along with Todd Muller, Amy Adams and Nikki Kaye undermined Bridges constantly for two years, leaking to left wing media operatives like Tova O’Brien, who spent almost the same two years reporting endlessly on how Bridge’s hold on the leadership was extremely precarious.

The video below demonstrates how Collins, at the same time she said he had her full support, was extremely reluctant to give Bridges any praise. Yet was effusive in praise of the no-hoper Muller after she and her gang had helped him maneuver to replace Bridges. And what a disaster that was.

Collins is a self admitted feminist liberal progressive, and liberal/ progressives really have no place in Sid Holland’s National Party. They are the likely cause of most of the disunity being as they are unable to get along with the more traditional conservatives, who still have some regard for the party’s founding principles.

Chris Luxon is touted as a leadership contender, but he is another liberal progressive who IMHO does not have the values needed to muster any real opposition to the Labour Party. Media are cheering for him because they want the Nationals to move further left.

Luxon’s main claim to fame apart from being Air NZ CEO is that he was was appointed by Jacinda Ardern to her business advisory council. He would likely be just another Muller type disaster, and the Nats would be showing a similar lack of judgment if they handed him the leadership.

(See my post on his maiden speech, and another where Luxon exposes himself as a died in the wool corporate liberal.)