The institutional vilification of white people

The tricky thing about this is that in the end, its not really about race. As mentioned in previous posts, the thrust of the anti-white political movement is really seated in plain old Marxist class warfare. They’ve just changed the words, and the terms “white supremacist” or “racist” have replaced “bourgeoise”.

Like most things the left do, its all been done before. All one needs to do is search their history and the pattern becomes apparent. The left’s current campaign to demonize their enemy, disguised as moral virtue, is no exception.

An especially pertinent example is the Ukraine in the 1930s. Murmurs of rebellion meant the Soviet Union needed to take action to solidify its control of the region. So it embarked on a massive propaganda campaign aimed at vilifying those citizens they perceived as being the greatest threat to totalitarian communist rule.

The enemy were isolated as “Kulaks”. In reality, the Kulaks were the engine room of the rural economy. They owned land, farms, buildings, and factories. They employed labour and produced food and goods. The wave of communist propaganda emanating from Moscow portrayed them as evil. Exploiters and oppressors of the working class who had to be dis-empowered.

So, with the help of Ukrainian communists, they were one by one dispossessed of their property and sent to the gulags. Without the Kulaks, the economy collapsed. This led to widespread food shortages where millions starved to death, but it didn’t matter, because by then, the definition of Kulak had been broadened so that it included anyone who did not think like a communist. Incredibly, this was all done under the guise of moral virtue.

By 1934 anyone in the Ukraine whose thinking posed a threat to communist rule was dead or in a gulag or terrorised into submission. The threat of rebellion was extinguished. The Soviets and the Ukrainian communists gloated over their success.

Catherine Deveny is a blue tick Twitter user and appears regularly on Australian govt owned and corporate TV networks

Today in the West we can see the same propaganda pattern. Governments and their subsidiaries, qangoes, and compliant corporates are conducting a media campaign against white people, who are being set up for hate just like the Kulaks were in the Ukraine 1930.

Govt owned schools and universities teach Critical Race Theory, a condensed and modernized version of Karl Marx’s writings, where rather than hating on the “bourgeoise” as oppressor’s and exploiters, the enemy is white people and or “colonizers”.

Racism is considered a major thought crime, unless it is committed against white people. Hiring and academic policies that favour multicultural applicants are disadvantaging whites, but this is acceptable. Anti-white movements like BLM and Antifa who riot and burn and beat people receive govt and corporate patronage. Even sports teams support them.

Statues of white people have been pulled down and vandalized. No one has been charged. No one tried to stop it happening. Our local governments and Police were complicit. The message is emphatic. Govt says you can hate on whites all you like. A message endorsed by our so called “Race Commissioner” who from his public utterings is clearly there to urge on this sentiment.

Labour MP Willie Jackson was on TV yesterday claiming New Zealand has always been a systemically racist country. This is merely code for “whites are all racist”. If the left were consistent, they’d call it hate speech against whites.

The interviewer, (Tova O’Brien), pandered to Jackson, never once challenging him on his outlandish claims. It wasn’t an interview, it was a propaganda exercise just like the communists performed in the Ukraine circa 1930s. (Stuff News, financially supported by the NZ govt, is actually one of the worst anti-white propaganda outlets in the country).

In New Zealand today, to hate on and smear and discriminate against whites is seen as a moral virtue.

Remember though, this is not the long term objective. Just as in the Ukraine, the initial propaganda offensive will be aimed at “whites” but later, the definition will become blurred. Eventually anyone not thinking like a communist no matter what their skin colour will be guilty of white supremacy.

This has in fact already started, with many Conservative blacks (Candace Owens for example) being called white supremacists, and in our crazy “progressive” world today, this absurdity is accepted as a rational judgement.

One thing they didn’t have in the 1930s was the internet. Today we can mount our own counter offensive against govt/corporate propagandists. As long as we can that is. With the rate tyranny is spreading, even this avenue of communication could disappear at any time.

Do what you can to counter this evil while the chance still exists. Our future and the future of our children depends upon it. Don’t ever forget what the left are capable of.