Media fuels race divide with inaccurate reporting on Daunte Wright shooting

Mainstream news media, dominated by Marxist propagandists, never misses a chance to fuel race hate and division in our communities. The death of George Floyd for example did not have a race component, yet this truth never had a chance of being heard in media’s rush to fan the flames of division.

Now they’re doing the same with Daunte Wright’s shooting in Minneapolis. Wright’s death seems to have been a tragic accident, and the police woman who fired the fatal shot will no doubt faces charges of negligent homicide. Once again though, like George Floyd, there is no racial component in this event.

The first photos of Wright published by the media show Wright with his child and looking every bit the clean cut caring father. Misinformation, and/or lying by omission. Wright was a gang member into firearms and drugs, as photos on his own Facebook page reveal.

First reports say the reason the police stopped Wright was because he had perfume tags hanging in his back window, a violation of local vehicle laws. A lie. He was stopped because his car registration wasn’t current.

Media downplay the real reason he was arrested after the stop, which was the discovery of an existing arrest warrant issued because he failed to turn up to court on illegal weapons charges.

There is no race based component to any of these facts, unless it is that the thousands of gangs of the type Wright belonged to are all black gangs.

Radio New Zealand ran a four minute report on the shooting and the following “protests” without the slightest mention of the widespread looting involved.

Warrant for Daunte Wright’s arrest

Media’s reluctance to report truth enables criminals to use accidental shootings and inadvertent deaths in custody to help themselves to the latest sneakers and a big screen TV. As if this would avenge some perceived racist disparity anyway.

Want the big over-riding real truth? This whole fake scenario is underpinned by Marxist groups (BLM) and their comrade Marxists in media who want to drag down our societies so they can rebuild a communist paradise.

Its a truth that is almost impossible to come by, and you definitely will not hear it from any of NZ’s fake hate mongering communist media.