NZ Media Still Hiding Truth on anti-Asian hate campaign

So called journalist Jack Tame, during a TV show produced with New Zealand taxpayer money last Sunday, told outright lies about the motivation for the Atlanta shooting. When talking about anti-Asian hate protests to his guest, he said-

“For example I know the attack that sparked similar demonstrations in the United States last week that a lot of Asian Americans say is an example of the kind of racism they experience”

Now journalists were once smart people with their ear to the ground. They brought us the truth that confronted public misconceptions or myths. Now its the other way around. Drooling incompetents like Jack Tame bring us outright lies in their mission to drive false political narratives for political advantage. Whose political advantage? This time, the CCP and their global efforts to distract from their mistreatment of the Uyghurs by manufacturing a false Asian-hate narrative.

See this post for the truth on the Atlanta shootings. See this post for further information on media CCP influence.

Sometimes fake newsers tell lies like the above. More often they just leave critical detail out. They lie by omission. For example the word on the street, that good journalists used to be attuned to, is that the anti-Asian hate protests were to a large extent engineered by CCP operatives in NZ.

There are very credible reasons for this suspicion, and it should have been at least mentioned in reporting. Rather, punk communist actors who control the media covered it up.

The most notable source of this allegation came from NZ Chinese groups, mainly in Auckland and Wellington, who support the free west and oppose the CCP. (see pictures) Why does the cowardly media deny these brave people a voice?

There were CCP flags flying at the event. Other organising groups are also known as extreme left communist sympathisers. Many signs have the web address. This is a front group with connections to socialist or communist actors in New Zealand, including pro-Cuba group Socialist Aotearoa.

There were also signs mentioning “white supremacy”, a concept driven entirely by far left activists. Similar signs advocated “smash fascism”. All extreme left baloney, and the spineless and or politically corrupt NZ media never thought once to report on it.

Instead of telling the NZ public the truth about this event, Jack Tame and other contemptible media people suppressed it, and worse, acted as a megaphone for its far left organisers and the CCP.

NZ media are the enemy of the people. Neither our society nor our democracy can function effectively with such a corrupt gang of partisans controlling the news. Do not support them with a cent of your money. Lobby the National Party and ACT to halt all taxpayer funding for them (including govt advertising).

The propaganda and lies will not stop unless the money trail is stopped.