Vote global communists into parliament and they betray us

The Green Party are communists. Their duplicitous name is just one part of their whole subterfuge. However, they’re not just communists, they are global communists.

This means they hold nation states (like New Zealand) in contempt. Their loyalties lie with one world socialist govt, at the present time manifested as the United Nations. They defer to the edicts of the unelected communist leaders within the UN rather than the democratically elected govt of New Zealand. So their global communism makes them traitors.

For an example of their treachery, Green Party MP and global communist Teanau Tuiono (one time apprehended as part of the Urewera Terrorist Group) is today protesting the launch of a US military satellite by the NZ company Rocketlab.

We support the call to suspend the granting of licences for space-launch activities on behalf of US military agencies and to reverse the Gunsmoke-J permit which is scheduled to be part of the next Rocket Lab launch.

Gunsmoke-J belongs to the US Army’s Space and Missile Defence Command (SMDC) and is designed to improve US missile targeting capabilities during combat.

The Government has a moral responsibility to make sure technologies sent into orbit by New Zealand companies from New Zealand soil do not assist other countries’ armies to wage war.

Who profits when the US armed forces are limited? The Chinese Communist Party for one, who already loom as a major threat to free countries like Taiwan. Leaving aside their major arms buildup and threats to invade not only the South China Sea but the entire South Pacific.

The alliance of the US, Australia and NZ defence forces is the only real obstacle to Chinese imperialism in the above regions. These scum traitorous Green MPS, communist to the core, want to limit the free world’s defences so as to aid the CCP.

What the hell is New Zealand doing electing these traitors to parliament?

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