NZ media rush to repeat false Asian hate narrative

The Atlanta shootings were not motivated by anti-Asian hate and the despicable cowardly New Zealand media should stop their false reporting. They are deliberately and falsely fanning the flames of racism, and lying as a means to do this.

Its clear for so many reasons that race was not an issue in the shootings. One is that of the nine people that were shot (eight fatally), six were Asians but three were not. If its a hate crime against Asians why were one third of those fired upon non Asian?

Secondly, if the shooter just wanted to harm Asians, why single out massage parlours (or spas). Right next to the spas were other shops also staffed by Asians. Rather, the shooter traveled a substantial distance to get to the specific businesses. A fact that clearly supports the killer’s own admission that he did it because he wanted to eliminate those places he saw as facilitating his perceived “sex addiction”.

This is not a post about Asian hate crime. Its about the false and incendiary reporting by the stinking liars of the New Zealand media. Their reporting, a complete fabrication fanning the flames of racial unrest is actually closer to a hate crime than the shooting itself.

There was an actual hate crime committed just just a few days after the Atlanta event, when a Syrian born Muslim shot ten white Europeans in a supermarket in Colorado, most likely in revenge for the Christchurch massacre. Strangely, this event has virtually faded from the news, and the media in this case rushed to the conclusion there was no motive.

The corrupt progressive politically motivated media are a vile influence upon our communities, and the enemy of the people. Watch the video to see their corrupt sensationalist race-baiting reporting exposed by truth.