Just how badly is NZ media compromised by CCP?

“white terrorism”

Its a big step to take, to say New Zealand’s media is under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. Don’t forget this media also takes millions in direct funding from the Ardern govt and millions in other so called “subsidies”. All these dollars are taken from the taxpayer.

So its hard to believe that media is also being influenced by the CCP. Nevertheless, let me run a few things past you.

Number one on the list is the bizarre and apparently propaganda driven campaign on “Asian hate”. Underpinned by the totally false claim that the spa murders in Atlanta were racially motivated. This is such a stark lie, why would they report it unless there was some unknown motivation?

Chinese and far left union flags at anti-Asian hate rally

Number two is the reporting on the “protests”. Media lied by omission in not revealing to the public that many of the organisers of this campaign had links to the CCP or other communist organisations. Markedly, they did not report that the anti CCP group NZ Values Alliance were at the protest and protesting about CCP influence. Why didn’t the NZ MSM tell the NZ public these important facts?

NZ Values Alliance tweeted-

CCP united front supported the stop Asian hatred rally today. Chinese overseas students association and other CCP united front organizations joined the rally and harrass New Zealand Value Alliance’s against CCP protest.

They were even physically attacked by CCP supporters. (see pics)

NZ Values Alliance protests against CCP involvement in the anti-Asian hate rally

Anna Bracewell-Worrall, a Newshub so called journalist even did an Asian hate segment wherein she gave the group Paparoa, a NZ offshoot of the violent communist hate group Antifa, credibility by referring to them as “a group who tracks online hate”. Disgraceful lying by omission to the NZ public.

In the United States noted China expert and author David Chang claims the Chicoms are using race hate as a strategy to weaken and divide America. Why wouldn’t they be doing the same in every other western country, and New Zealand would be easy meat for such a plan.

NZVA member shows bruises from attacks by CCP at anti-Asian hate protest

The SIS says in its latest report that it has identified a New Zealand citizen spying for a foreign entity. Odds are this foreign entity is China. The SIS needs to catch up. More than a decade ago, Chen Yonglin, a diplomat from the Chinese Communist Consulate in Sydney, said that there were a thousand Chinese spies in New Zealand.

Some of the claims made by the most prominent actors alleging widespread Asian hate in the media are too outrageous to believe, and have the ring of propaganda designed to manipulate public opinion. Has anyone in the media bothered checking or asking these people about their political connections?

One could say with some surety that the NZ media is undoubtedly under the influence of the CCP. The only real question is whether they are a willing party or just easily manipulated morons.

I’ve got to say its a difficult choice. Sure, they lack intelligence, but really, could they actually be that dumb?

Race relations Commissioner Meng Foon poses with pro-CCP group CNY