Judith Collins train wreck interview on Red Radio

The standard of interviewing is of course far below par, but still, Collins should have done much better. She let the silly little commie Susie Fergusson upset her, and she really should have been better prepared.

However its the way Judith handled the interview overall really. With her bluster and that ever present irritating laugh. IMHO Fergusson was within her rights to criticise Judith on this. The leader of the National Party just should be a lot more capable, coherent and self possessed.

A few days ago Collins also initiated an unbecoming Twitter spat with Tova O’Brien over O’Brien’s reporting of a supposed disagreement within the National Party over fluoridation. Shouldn’t this have been handled behind closed doors by a National Press officer rather than on the very public platform of Twitter?

I’m prepared to countenance disagreement with my views on this. Maybe its just me, but I just cannot see the Nats continuing with such an ineffective leader. Collins is just not up to the task.

The whole interview is over 7 minutes. I’ve condensed it down to 3.22 by cutting pauses and repetition. You can find the full version on the RNZ website.


  • The New Zealander

    Does Judith not understand that the point of these interviews is to come across as a competent alternative government that is in tune with the country? Any time an interviewee starts saying the other person’s name (“Suzie”) like that, you know they’ve been caught out. If she had no examples, the least she could have done is explain the economic rationale instead of sounding like an idiot.


    • Yes, it wasn’t a very good advertisement for her leadership I’m afraid. She sounded like an old woman calling late night talkback and getting beat up by the host. As I said, maybe its a personal thing, but that unnecessary laughter really irks me. Sounds so artificial.

      What Collins should have said is there are numerous examples of rent caps not working as they’ve been tried in many cities all over the world, and if Susie needed those examples identified then she doesn’t know enough about the subject to be conducting interviews on it. However, the bottom line is Collins made the opening statement, and then appeared to have nothing to back it up at all. Poor preparation, and it happens far too often.