Apologies for the long gaps between posts. I feel there is enough being said out there these days, and that we’re actually in danger of being drowned by so much random opinion. My motivation to write has therefore suffered. Never mind, here’s something I feel needs to be said because although I read so much of all the aforesaid opinion that is out there, no one is saying this. So here we go.

Right now in New Zealand, we’re being culturally suffocated by all things “Maori”. Leaving aside that this assault is being driven by subversive global forces that are only piggy backing on the perceived rights of “indigenous” people, the real historical and logical error lies in a total over estimation of the worth and importance of Maori in New Zealand’s history.

Maori are not of course indigenous in the true sense of the word. They emigrated to what was then an unnamed collection of islands in the Southern Pacific ocean, and lived on these islands for roughly four hundred years before Europeans began to settle.

During this relatively short period of time, they did nothing of note. They built fortified villages. They engaged in genocidal conflicts with tribes of different heritage and constantly battled with tribes of similar heritage. They fed off the Moa until it was extinct.

They did not build a unified society, with laws, parliaments, and borders so therefore they had no country. Even if they did recognise borders, they failed to develop any means to defend the unnamed lands they had come to. They basically just came and sat around for a while. In the words of Martin Te Heuheu-

“If you guys hadn’t come to New Zealand, it’s highly likely that Maori wouldn’t have survived. We were stone age. We were illiterate, and that’s the truth. We’d just about eaten everything there was to eat; the moa was already extinct, and we were eating each other. We would have killed each other off. Now we have the best of everything in the world. While Maori are running around screaming that we’ve been ripped off [by the European] they’re taking advantage of high-tech this and high-tech that. They’re demanding millions of dollars in compensation, plus apologies, and white liberals are sucked into this bullshit.”

When the first Europeans turned up, it is estimated there were 150,000 Maori living here. In other words, the place was very sparsely populated. So really, when we look back at the time Maori were the dominant culture, was there anything so significant about it that we should today enable it to suffocate what has become the established culture?

Martin Te Heuheu’s ancestor, Chief Tukino Te Heuheu

Europeans built New Zealand. They named it. They established a govt. They established borders and the means to defend those borders. They brought laws and customs developed over centuries in England. Maori did none of these things. Because they simply could not.

So how can they say New Zealand is their country and that every one else that lives here today is a “non-indigenous” interloper? How can they say that we must all bow today to their culture and their language when their actual contribution to the development of New Zealand has been minimal compared to what Europeans have contributed?

They lived in what is today New Zealand for 400 years and they did nothing to build a country.

The people who came later built the country, and there is absolutely no reason for us to bow and scrape today to a bunch of preening self interested fake Maoris. Stridently claiming deep spiritual connections with ancestors when if they ever took a DNA test those connections would be revealed as tenuous at best.

Just tell them all to go away, to stop dragging New Zealand down into a destructive mire of tribalism, Marxism, hubris and arrogance.

We need unity. Without that unity we are not a country, and that of course is the real driving force behind any subversive UN decree like the Indigenous Rights Declaration. We must learn to ignore it and everything that it brings with it. Or as is the real intent, there just will not be a New Zealand anymore.

Footnote- As for the Treaty of Waitangi it should have no legal or cultural significance today. Its sole purpose was to bring an end to inter-tribal warfare and conflicts between Maori and Europeans. The treaty meant nothing more at the time and therefore it means nothing today.  That’s over. The treaty is finished. It has zero relevance in New Zealand society today.


  • I couldn’t agree more.


  • You’ve nailed-it again Red …. thanks for saying what needed to be said. The truth hurts the Trotskyite Marxists who are behind all this “critical race theory” and “cultural revolution” bullshit. I wish they would all just piss-off and let us all live in peace.


  • I’ve often wondered what it is that makes us New Zealanders. It’s not some certificate you get because you moved here recently, lately, being born here hardly qualifies, even if family history here goes back five or six generations.
    We used to take pride in the fact that early settlers built a largely inclusive egalitarian society. This radical division based on a touch of blood relations is driving a wedge, that if continued will result in a tribal war.

    100% we have to ignore the agents of this divide. Keep it up Red, you’re well ahead of the rest in calling them out.


  • bravo! About time someone spelled it out exactly as it is/was! Well said!


  • It’s not that simple. It’s so easy to get sucked in by the propagandists.

    Ponder for a moment . . . “Maori.”

    Then . . .”European.”

    What do those words really mean?

    There is no such thing as a ‘collective’ to be embraced by – and now referred to as – Maori.

    Same goes for “European.”

    Both are modern-day, fantasy, make-believe inventions.

    Europeans have been at war with one another for many centuries.

    Same goes for the assorted Maori tribes that came this way in their canoes and colonised NZ.

    Then set to war with one another, as have done the European French, Dutch, English, Germans, Russians, Danes, Italians and so on, for centuries before that. (You get the idea?)

    “Maori” as a collective is a myth. A convenient one, when lying, cheating and stealing – as they have done so successfully in recent decades.

    It became financially convenient to ‘merge and become that rapacious collective,’ but it’s a total myth. As with most of the rest of the ‘collective-of-convenience’s’ wild and extravagant claims.

    Anytime I hear the BS of that lot being the best stewards of the environment, I respond that they should tell that to a passing moa or huia or any other of the 40-or-so species their ‘lot’ has driven to extinction.

    Really, though, apart from some limited instructional potential, what good does it to know those truths?

    The present rotten, clumsy crop of clowns in (or aspiring to be in) ‘power’ in W’gton, are all blind, deaf, dumb, ignorant and only there for their own self-advancement and aggrandisement.

    All of them!

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    • “The present rotten, clumsy crop of clowns in (or aspiring to be in) ‘power’ in W’gton, are all blind, deaf, dumb, ignorant and only there for their own self-advancement and aggrandisement.”

      Well then we must replace them. Not easy when our democracy is so corrupted, but it can be done. See Dutch elections in recent days. (not sure what has been accomplished there but it does provide some hope)


      • I’ve yet to see any realistic suggestions on how to arrest and reverse the downfall of NZ – godzone.

        If Tytler is correct, then nothing will save us.

        Not a thought I warm to.

        Also, various European populaces are far more demonstrative than the “she’ll be right” crowd, downunder.

        Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow NZ dies.


  • Was fortunate enough to be given life saving procedure (LAAC) at coronary care ward in Wellington Public Hospital.
    As was to be expected, the whole action was conducted in a professional and extremely capable manner.
    The nurses, of many ethnicities, were courteous and very competent, from the inserting of the op needle to after care service.
    But there was a problem, it being a scribble chin/face maori, displaying a attitude of self entitlement and language that even a public bar closing at midnight would be proud of.
    Why should we, and poor medical staff, be expected to tolerate these social misfits, the preferred people of Ardern; even to the tune of a $2.75 million gift (taxpayers’ money) to mongrel mob.


  • The footnote is the most important part of this message. The ToW had done its job in May 1840 when Hobson formally declared British sovereignty, the chiefs having willingly surrendered such sovereignty as each possessed. Then theToW should have become a footnote to history


    • Its tragic that the treaty was intended to bring peace and unity but is now being used by narcissistic politically motivated subversives to undermine our country’s peace and unity. Such perversions always come from the same political faction. One that is underpinned by an ideology that seems strangely attractive to narcissists.


  • Hi Martin, neat to hear you’re still around. I used to pick you up from your place in Christchurch with my daughter to attend meetings with Dennis Hampton in the late 90s. I left to live in China for over 11 years but am back in NZ now. Drop me a line and I can bring you to my home in Kaiapoi to chew the fat about the old days. Best wishes, Alan Stechman. ________________________________


    • Hi Alan- Sorry to have to tell you this but I am pretty sure I read where Martin had passed away about five years ago (or more). I could be wrong as I did a quick search and couldn’t find anything. Good to hear from someone who knew him.


  • Fantastic piece! I am going to use it as a hyperlink in my book:


  • I think you’d better correct one fact in your piece, because it’s not quite right. Maori arrived here about 1250AD, not 1650 as you say. Get that right and you have a brilliant piece of writing.


    • Hi Julian. Thanks for your kind comments and may I say I view you as a hero for the work you are doing. New Zealand today is unfortunately a country where the old adage “He who speaks truth must have one foot in the stirrup” is pretty much a staple principle of our society. It takes persistence and resourcefulness but most of all immense courage to do what you are doing.

      I have made the correction you have suggested. Thanks for your help with that.


  • It’s a shame you’re not inspired to write more often, my friend, as your commentary on cultural marxism and documenting the fall of our once-proud little nation remains among the best on the web.

    In this article, the only word I would contend with is ’emigrate’. The story of a stone-age people who had mastered neither the wheel nor the written word, launching from a mythical land (‘Hawaiki’) and navigating by the stars across some of the world’s most treacherous ocean to land on islands at the bottom of the world, which they’d deliberately targeted for settlement, has got to be some of the most weapons-grade gaslighting to ever plague our society.

    A far more believable ‘origin story’ (as the Yoots say these days) is laid out by Max Hill in his most excellent book ‘To The Ends Of The Earth (And Back Again) –

    Another far more believable origin is laid out on the website You’ll need to shield your eyes from the absolutely awful site design, but some of the content is incredibly eye-opening. There’s also the documentary Skeletons In The Cupboard ( which TVNZ scrubbed from its archives.


    • Hi Gantt- thanks again for your loyal support old friend. Much appreciated. Thanks too for the interesting links. I am aware of the different historical takes on pre-European NZ and the fact that all of the usual people are trying to suppress those views gives them more credence of course.

      The book you referenced (‘To The Ends Of The Earth (And Back Again) ) seems particularly interesting. I intend to seek it out.


  • Murray Allan Rayner.

    Excellent summary of facts. Short and sharp.


  • What an insult to New Zealand justice . . .
    Bet these thugs were not Anglo Saxon!


  • The Treaty of Waitangi took hold in 1840, as most Maori were in terror of the endless tribal war, cannibalism, and slavery that Maori dished out to each other. Sheltered by the Queen after signing the treaty, The Taranaki King Movement began, fomenting for more war, betraying the pioneers who protected them. They had no books, no written language, certainly no science. It is hard to fathom their hubris in demanding modern Kiwi’s bow down to Matauranga. This recent separatism is a continence of that King Movement, and simply, war. By modern keyboard warrior Maori Elite. Supported by Globalist Elite. They both seek the subjection of the average Kiwi, so they might rule us as slave-lords.